Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Eternal Search cont....

Happy 2013 all! I always find this time of year is great for those who find small talk difficult. You can say the same thing over and over and someone has ALWAYS got a response. What did you do for christmas? With the family? Was it nice? Turkey etc etc? New years? What you do? Have fun? Drunk etc etc? As it happens mine was incredibly stressful. I did a night in east london and it was my first one in my current guise, and anywhere other than central. It was great but when there's responsibility there's stress, and where there's stress there's sweat....which brings me full circle to the point of this and my previous post on the search for the best long wear foundation. So I shall carry on with my experience of spending eight hours in a very hot room for NYE.

I didn't have much choice of what foundation to use because I had to put on my slap there, in a horrid toilet, with girls swanning in and out chatting to me and asking for pictures. Whilst lovely, it's not always a happy me when i've half a face of slap, and i'm also a rather severe sufferer of OCD, and not the 'I think i'm a bit OCD' kind of thing that people say, that really bugs me as it doesn't make sense. I have it properly, so touching my face, in a club toilet, it's a trial.

Ramble over, onto the products.

I used a base of Mac Prep and Prime Natural Radiance which i'm still not sure is meant to be a permanent or limited edition item, as i've been told different things in different stores, but it's a product I LOVE. I'll do a separate review of it at some point. I then buffed on my beloved Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, with a Mac 188 Duo Fibre Brush to cover up the vast redness in my skin, and I had a bastard spot, and that stuff has medical grade ingredients to treat spots, so thanks Mac, you rule. Then finally, I used one of my more recent purchases, which is the below....

Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer in Bare

I buffed it on with my new most treasured brush, the F22 Round Topped Kabuki by Blank Canvas Cosmetics. Which, btw, is the most amazing brush company, I love this brush even more than my beloved Real Techniques brushes, and thats saying something! I then used my Chanel loose powder in Rose Clair with a rolling puff technique, and spray it all over with a fixing spray, namely Urban Decay All Nighter to stop that horrid flat powdery look. 

I won't go through the rest of my routine because frankly, it'd get boring. However, I wanted to impress upon you what lengths I go to keep my make up ON during the sweaty hot nights I live through. 

Anyway, firstly, I must as an aside, let you know that this stuff is PALE. Yes, pale enough for me. It's pretty neutral, not running particularly yellow or pink, which is also a win, and IT DOES STAY. If you wear it without primer or powder, it's not going to be quite so spectacular, but this stuff doesn't crack, and the wear time I would say is around the nine hour mark before it starts wearing a little thinner. 

So in summary, this shit WORKS. However, it is pretty matte, not flat matte, there is dimension, but this isn't anywhere near 'dewy'. How many long wear foundations are though?? 

So in my long wear search, this scores HIGH. I recommend! 

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