Wednesday, 23 July 2014

REVIEW: Topshop Freckle Pencil - Forever young

Topshop Freckle Pencil in Forever Young

Now, i'm a bit of an odd one, for some reason, I tend to get obsessed with something, and a couple of years later, it becomes a big mainstream fashion. Thus I feel fed up, because i've spent a load of cash trying to find the item and own it, which means I buy about ten different versions that aren't up to the standard I want, and then when it's a high street hitter, I hate it because I realise i'm just so ruddy mainstream. 

So i've been faking freckles for about four years. I decided it was my raison detre, as my natural freckles have been bleached out from all my obsessive skin evening skincare from my late teens (read, borrowing my mates dodgy skin bleach and causing all sorts of awful). So yes, I have been desiring my 90's freckles back, and STAT. 

So I heard that Topshop were on that idea finally, and they have produced this WONDER, the freckle pencil. Now, I hear you cry, that you could just buy a brown kohl and be done with it, but trust me, i've tried, that stuff smears, or it's so hard to get it to make a mark on your face that you end up with massive great dots everywhere. The option i'd taken for the last few years has been using a Gosh Long Lasting Eyebrow Marker to lightly dot, and it's a good option, but not particularly realistic, even if it's lasts. When I heard topshop were releasing this I counted the days. It's ruddy summer, I WANT FRECKLES. 

Topshop Freckle Pencil

So as you can see above, i've given you a line, for colour, and a spattering of freckle like dots, and as you can see how freckle like they are, and hey, they pretty much ARE. Now, here I am, being brave again, showing my face, but I wanted to show how they look on a human face, no matter how MOON FACED I am, it's the effect, not the aesthetics of my genetics y'all....

Me, with freckle

So what you need to remember is pigment in your face caused by sun isn't uniform, so when you do these freckles, you need to be random as you can. The freckle pencil has the genius of being marbled, so it's a mix of two browns, like freckles generally are. The pencil, although long lasting once set, is also really emollient do the lightest touch can give the faintest of freckles. Other tips would be, make sure your base isn't too full coverage, as if it is, you'll end up looking a little pantomime, which isn't the aim, well, i'd assume. 

You can pick this pencil up from Topshop online for a mere £5.00. 


  1. I have the whitest, blankest skin ever but this might even convince me to have a pop at it! Also, as an aside, stop beating yourself up lady, a lovely face, you has one!

  2. What a lovely thing to say! I'm a lucky blogger :) I say give it a go, with a light touch. I am very pale, like NC10 when tanned, and what I do is bunch the freckles up where I put bronzer so it looks like i've seen the sun. Get this, today I went to selfridges and the girls behind the counter at Laura Mercier told me to try some fake tan. I HAVE FOUR LAYERS ON. Even with that, I am whiter than white. Join me sister!