Saturday, 9 November 2013

NEW (and desired): L'Oreal Professional Hair Chalk


I may have mentioned before, I have blue hair. Starts off dark blue at the root and goes through to a turquoise shade at the bottom. I'm sorry to offend the many ladies of the uk but I'm a dip dye hater. Specifically the natural blonde with the pink or whatever colour ends. It looks rank. Colour is there to be enjoyed, putting two colours together that don't compliment just feels like a waste.

Enough of my prejudices though. ON TO THE PRODUCTS!

This is what the heroes at L'Oreal have to say.

"Right now, brightly-coloured hair is bang on trend. From the editorial take on the catwalk to the super wearable street-style hairstyles, we’ve been seeing coloured ombré everywhere. The NEW Hairchalk range from L’Oréal Professionnel is our perfect product to achieve the look. With five flashy colours and three sophisticated shades, you can achieve a great multi-coloured mix of  hairstyles either at home or in your salon."

Now, I have never used the traditional hair chalks you'll find in the high street stores. They're not strong enough to do anything to the colour I already have all over my head, and generally if I want a colour in my hair I just do it. I've gone from luminous orange to pink, to purple and pink, to blue and pink and now turquoise in the last year. I love colour. I don't feel like me if i'm not peacock like about the hair.

So what's so amazing and got me so excited about these hair chalks?

There's an example below....

Do you see? The nice lady has DARK brown hair, and they've applied the chalk (which is actually a liquid) and it has completely covered her dark hair colour!!! Not only this, but the hair isn't a nasty clogged up mess that will transfer everywhere and go all hard and stiff. It moves! It's free like the wind!

Look! You can paint BLONDE over DARK BROWN!? Do you see now how amazing the possibilities of this product are!? Sorry for all the punctuation crazy but seriously, this is amazing. You can go mental on your hair without having to bleach it, or use straighteners to boil it into your hair and damage it horribly. You can paint on colour and do whatever the hell you like.

The colours available will be...

First Date Violet, Sweet Sixteen Pink, Blue Ocean Cruise, Coffee Break, Red Carpet, Black Tie, Garden Party and Bronze Beach.

Personally i'm going to go bare crazy with Garden Party like below...


So. How do you use these cheeky tarts?

The L'Oreal Hairchalk and Applicator gives hair a temporary yet fantastic hair transformation. The paint on colour, in garden party, works on both light and dark hair and applies easily with the built in applicator. Colour will last for up to two washes and is stain resistant. The highly pigmented liquid gives a natural look and dries quickly once applied. - R.K.
Directions for Use:

  • Use the applicator to apply the chalk to the desired sections of hair
  • Allow to dry
  • The colour washes out in two washes
ARE YOU KIDDING? So basically I can paint this on, with given tool, it dries quickly and is STAIN RESISTANT?

I swear, if you knew my ex girlfriend, and what she looked like (even more peacock like than I) I'd have had a field day painting this all over her head, with the added bonus of not burning her scalp with bleach because of constant changes (she went from purple to yellow in one sitting, it was painful).

The best news? You can buy it NOW NOW NOW BABY!

It's available at Look Fantastic for a mere £15 a bottle (spensive but so essential) and as soon as I have some money, i'm going to be going paintbrush crazy with this shit. Trust.


  1. omg, it looks so awesome. Just order mine from here:
    Can't wait!!! Ordered 3 colors at once: pink, blue, and coral.

  2. I may have mentioned before, I have blue hair. Starts off dark ...