Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sleek Make Up False Lashes...and my thoughts of falsies

So this happened a little while ago, but I only just started writing this blog guy recently so I didn't mention it. Sleek have started, in their wisdom, to add to their arsenal of low priced BRILLIANTLY performing products some false lashes, which I will be showing you below.

I have a weird relationship with false lashes. I basically only wear them when I do my own club. Never, ever anywhere else. No matter how big or special the gig, no lashes will be worn, but if I do my own night without, I feel naked and piggy eyed, and I shy from the camera, I truly become 'photosensitive' (ba doom tish).

I started with Mac side lashes, in my less expressive times, and progressed to using Girls Aloud Cheryl lashes every single week, to the point that I had piles of used ones stuff in drawers with the idea i'd reuse them. I never did. Then eyelure decided to be EVIL and discontinued the Cheryl's, replacing them with some wispy nonsense, and a nation of girls who liked cheap plasticy lashes wept together. For a while I used Sarah, and she was okay, but lacked in comparison. Then I found, with glee, that Hed Kandi, for some god forsaken reason, had moved into false lashes, and were doing a pair called Disco Heaven which were perfect for a wide eyed, Twiggy/Jean Shrimpton-esque babydoll mod look. Then, yep, eyelure decided to break my heart AGAIN. and discontinued these. Seems odd when they're happily churning out tons of really rather lame Katy Perry coloured lashes that look so unflattering!

So, to stop rambling, Sleek Make Up have decided to get in on the lashes game. Paying homage to feline beauty, which makes sense given the popularity of the 'cat eye liner' flick right now, there are eight different sets of lashes called Bengal, Burmilla, Persian, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Savannah, Siamese and Sphynx. See image below....

Click to enlarge image

I myself invested in Bengal and Russian Blue, which are pretty similar to the Disco Heaven and Cheryl lashes I was mourning so. There's only one downside......the price. They are much more expensive than I would have ever expected from Sleek, especially as these aren't real human hair or anything approaching that. The most i'd paid before for lashes was £5, but these come in at £7 PLUS postage, as they're not available in Superdrug yet. However, the designs were spot on, so I couldn't say no! 


Russian Blue

So i'm a big fan. If you would like to join me in the fanclub, you can purchase these direct from the wesbite here for £7 plus postage. 

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