Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review - Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick = MY FAVOURITE NEW LIPSTICK

Ladies and gentleman, I am in love. I thought i'd been in love before, but this is the real thing, for I have met Stila Stay All Day Lipstick in the shade of Fiore. I am a creature of habit when it comes to lipsticks, for years I went for the nineties-esque nude, which involved either using Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Lip Pencil (the best nude EVER) with Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Tonkin (again, the best nude shade EVER). It basically makes your lips look massive and is universally flattering. I lacked in confidence to go for brights unless I was slim, and slim is a thing of my past, sadly, so I ignored them for a while.

However, in a brief sojourn in my life on one of those internet forums about make up when I was particularly looking for various reasons to avoid a real life (ha) I was introduced to my favourite of all time lipsticks, Cherries in the Snow by Revlon, which is the perfect balance between pink and red. However, if I want it to last all night, it takes ten straight minutes of lipliner, blot, powder, lipstick, blot, liner, powder, lipstick, blot blot blot blot, and then lipcote, and I want it to be matte not lustrous.

Who has that time!? Also, I know people say that reapplication is joyful, but when people are taking photos of you all the time, you don't always want that shot of you looking like a scruffy lush with patchy red pink I want something that'll LAST.....

However, move over guys, for my BFF for nights out FOREVER is going to be Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiore. See BELOW.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in shade Fiore

Swatched on my delightfully pale wrist

On my lips. Please don't be mean about my face! It's for info purposes only....

So as you can see, it's beautifully matte, and i've teamed it here with my most favourite lip pencil of all time, Sleek Eau La La Liner in Dragon Fruit. Those Sleek pencils are amazing, although I go through at least four a month because they ALWAYS break, they're actually so cheap it doesn't matter (that much). This picture of my big wide face was taken after two hours, plus having eaten dinner and drunk many glasses of lucozade and diet cola (it's what I do when i've got a migraine). Pretty good no??

So if you're looking for a fantastically electric pink, that will stay on for ages, be properly matte, not pretend (Models One Super Matte Brights i'm looking at YOU!) matte, BUY THIS NOW.

I bought this, with my own money, as always, from the Stila website HERE for £15

Sleek Eau La La pencil in Dragon Fruit was purchased from Superdrug for £4.99, but you can also get it from the website direct HERE.

Go forth. Enjoy some perfection. 

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