Wednesday, 9 January 2013

In other news....Kerastase Intialiste

In other news, I picked up a bit of a haul today, which includes .....

Kerastase Initialiste

The reason I have bought Kerastase Initialise is due to the fact that my hair is DYING ON ITS ARSE. Absolutely DYING. For years I had orange hair, and I don't mean ginger, actual vivid orange which was achieved with L'Oreal Majicontrast in pure copper. I then dyed it bright pink, which mean from that point on i've had to bleach it, which was okay, until the day I made the biggest mistake of leaving my local hairdresser and deciding to go to east london and get an editorial hairdresser who does Vogue and ID etc do it. He OBLITERATED my hair with cheap badly mixed bleach, which fried the front and it broke off. Then he cut my razor sharp, been growing to achieve for TWO YEARS bob, into a dated, layered, floppy, droopy, unmanageable, mess. 

So yes, to try and save my thinning, breaking, vile mess of a bonce, I have spent too many pounds on this item which is apparently a miracle worker for weak, thin hair.  The idea is, you use 2 drops from the pipette for thin hair, 4 for thick, on just washed and towel dried hair. You apply it directly to the scalp, and then work it through to the ends and blow dry, and apparently you are left with thicker, stronger, more resilient hair. 

I will start using it as of friday and keep you updated on how good is it. My hair is thin, weak, breaking to buggery and I think the perfect subject to try this apparent miracle worker on. Fingers crossed for success!!

I bought this from Headmasters salon in wandsworth for £40. 

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