Sunday, 9 June 2013

Review - Liz Earle Signature Foundation

Liz Earle Signature Foundation 

Hi girls (and guys, lets not make assumptions here), hope you're having a fantastic weekend with the (sort of) sunshine. I've been having a rather lovely time, with lots of exciting things on my horizon, I thought i'd celebrate by sharing a review of one of my most favourite foundations I own.

I may have mentioned before, I own A LOT of foundations, I am talking draws and draws of the stuff, high end, low end, rubbish, fantastic, pro quality and drugstore. THE LOT. I wouldn't say i'm an expert across the board, because I only know how to deal with my oily combo skin, but if you suffer like me with the shiny nose and need for long wear, I think we're going to be chums.

So, back to the review. Liz Earle (which is actually run by TWO people, but for some reason Liz takes the spotlight in name and press coverage) produces some absolutely fantastic products. Originally I thought her Cleanse and Polish was a poor mans Eve Lom cleanser. As it turned out, it WAS a poorer persons option, but without being any less awesome in quality. I shall review another time though, as it's foundation time right now. Anyway, last year, in 2012, Liz decided to unleash her AWESOME cosmetics line. I wasn't convinced initially, as i'd heard that the Sheer Skin Tint had zero coverage and lasted about two hours on an oily skin. However, later that year she also launched the Signature Foundation, and just reading the blurb below had me gagging to try it. Lets see what it says...

"Call off the search – our luxurious, silky foundation is your go-to for the skin you’ve always wanted. Offering easy-to-build coverage, the beautifully blendable formula glides on effortlessly to deliver a smooth, even and natural-looking finish in mere moments, with an ingenious combination of spherical particles and coated pigments that offer long-lasting wear and a radiant finish. Enriched with our own natural source vitamin E."

And you know what? It does EXACTLY what it says. 

So how does it work for me? Well, I always wear a primer, because I have oily skin, most foundations are obliterated within three hours, so I don't bother even trying to battle on without. To make it simple for you, i'm going to list exactly what is so awesome about this foundation.

- Amazing colour range, for once, it's EXACTLY my skin tone. PALE AS PAPER.
- It fills in pores better than nearly any foundation I have tried
- Coverage is impeccable, I barely need to build coverage, but in the areas I do, it looks smooth
- It lasts. It really does, unless you sweat buckets, this stuff doesn't crack!
- It doesn't settle in fine lines, or wear unevenly.
- It is matte but has radiance. Not dewy but not flat at all! 

So lets see a swatch of the shade I own, Porcelain

Liz Earle Porcelain Swatched

Blended out

So as you can see, it's undetectable on my pallid arm there when blended out. It's my exactly shade though, which runs at NW10 in Mac terminology. I find the best way to apply this is with a dampened Beauty Blender and the usual method of bouncing it on the skin until the desired level of coverage is achieved. 

I can't say enough good about this foundation, especially if you're oily and in need of good but natural looking coverage. If you want to invest, this retails direct from Liz Earle online in 9 shades for the pretty reasonable price of £21, and in selected John Lewis, Boots, Fenwicks stores, as well as their stand alone boutiques

Have you tried it? If so, let me know your thoughts!?


  1. Just found out today that all the Liz Earle cosmetics are being discontinued because they haven't sold well. Shame, I like the mascara, too!

  2. NO GOD PLEASE NO! As if life isn't testing enough they take our beautiful products from us. The price of this foundation was fantastic too for such a high performing product. I'm going to search this out and moan, it's not fair...