Monday, 12 May 2014

REVIEW: Bourjois One Second Mascara - quickie RAVE.

I love mascara. I mean, thats an understatement. I LOVE MASCARA. There are two things I am very passionate about in my make up life, that save my soul from crying forever, and they are foundation and mascara. Mascara distracts from many facial sins I find, making things instantly prettier. I don't generally trust in drugstore mascaras, and I don't know why, because i've had some crackers, but I always end up running back to Diorshow or YSL, or some crazy imported Japanese insanity.

So the other day, I read about, and promptly saw this guy in my local superdrug, and I was entranced. I mean, one second, what the hell, how good could this be.

The answer. VERY GOOD INDEED. 

This is what they claim etc....

1 Second Mascara by Bourjois
  • Volumising brush with wraparound spherical bristles
  • Designed to coat lashes from root to tip in one second 
  • Formula to last up to 16 hours
  • Rich, pigmented finish
So there isn't one thing I could argue with here. Lets look at a crappy blurry photo of my usually short, stubby, straight and rubbish lashes with this on.

So ignore my shiny forehead, and my rubbish everything else. Just concentrate on the lash. I promise you, my lashes are pointless. They have nothing. However, after two quick coats of this mascara. they were curled, volumised and happy as larry. I can't emphasize how good this stuff is. The applicator just grabs every lash and curls, whilst giving volume and ease of separation. 

I can't say enough good about this....but i'll stop now, because it's my birthday as of an hour ago and i'm a little drunk.


Pick this up from Superdrug or ASOS for £9.99. It's great!


  1. Thank you!!! Hehe, you can tell I was drunk because that photo has to be the WORST ever.