Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Sylvanian family texture nails FTW!!

Okay, I will admit it, I fail as a woman on many many levels. I am not girly, although I am told by my nearest and dearest I am because I 'like make up', I don't think that qualifies me as a proper girl. I have never waxed my legs, I wouldn't know where to start (obvs I shave though, i'm not a hippy), the first time I got anything done regarding beauty that wasn't me was getting my brows threaded in the thoroughfare of my local shopping center two years ago for a fiver, I never have had a bath with candles, the idea of it bores me, and how on earth do people not get insanely BORED!? I don't get the concept of fake tan, and hair extensions seem like fraud to my mind.....so yes, as I say, i'm not your average girly girl.

So what was this preamble about. Well, nails, I don't really do nails. The only time i'm proud of my nails is if they look like they'd be at home in Tron, the below 1982 version I mean.

Anyway, when I do pain my nails they're holographic, or clashing and matte with Nike ticks or some other bollocks shoved on to stop them looking girly. So when I saw the opportunity to own the below, I got rather excited. Ladies and whoever, I present furry nails!

MUA fur effect nails 

It's a pretty simple concept. It's a strongly coloured fur substance, and you paint your nail in a corresponding colour, then press the nail into the fur, wait thirty seconds, brush off the excess and you are left with something like the below. 

MUA fur effect nails in Boo Boo Fluff. 

They are available in five shades, Fluffy Bobbin (Purple), Fluff and Cuddles (Magenta/Red), Fluffy Puff (Baby Pink) and Fuzzy Fluff (Pink) as well as the already pictured shade above. Apparently the effect lasts from 2-3 days in total, because of the nature of the material, they do actually attract dirt and fluff, which sounds a little rank, but I myself would happily put up with it to have those furry friends for a night out. 

They will be available in Superdrug stores around the country from January 3rd, but are online HERE NOW for a bargainous £3.00 each. I myself have ordered three, and I cannot wait to try them!!

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