Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review - Djv Beautinizer Volume Mascara

So the other day I received an promotional e mail from Cult Beauty detailing the pro's of 'the best mascara you'll ever use'. Now me, being a mascara junkie, immediately started salivating. I buy ANY mascara if I see a hint of a good review. I have had buzzing, spinning, mechanical, downright terrifying mascaras pass through my ownership. Cult Beauty have said if you, or I, don't love this mascara, we can have a full refund. Now, it's pretty pricey, for my budget, at £18, but I couldn't stop obsessing about it, so Cult Beauty got my £18, and I received my Djv Beautinizer Volume Mascara.

There she is, apparently the best mascara i'll ever own!

A little background on my lashes, they are thin, sparse, whatever you want to call it, and straight, and do NOT hold a curl. My usual routine includes Diorshow Maximiser, Shu Uemura Lash Curler, Diorshow Blackout Mascara and much combing with my Real Techniques lash and brow groomer. So, yes, rather a lot of elbow grease in getting my lashes looking acceptable.

The official website says....

Volume Lash is a lash coating plumper which seamlessly coats each lash with the thick, 3D film-coating formula. Features finer, uniformly sized particles that contain 2.4 times* the ingredients strengthening the adhesion to lashes for seamless volume with one stroke (*in-house comparison).
This quick-dry, budge-proof formula is also fragrance-free and leaves your eyes irritation-free.

So today, I tried this new mascara, without any lash primer, or lash curler, but with a lash comb. See those results.

My pathetic lashes. Look how short, thin and miserable they are!?

And here, again, straight, stubby and thin. Boo!

Lashes with two coats of DJV Beautinizer Mascara on and lash combed.

So, er, it's quite a dramatic change isn't it!? Now, this is the kind of results I like. A LOT. However, it didn't come without it's difficulties. One coat, I could see the claim of 'no clumps' wasn't quite true, as it did clump straight away. I gave my lashes a couple of combs through, and went in for a second coat, before the first dried as per the instructions, and combed again, and this was the result. Pretty impressive no?

Other downsides were that it did flake a little, and I did fall asleep for a little while due to feeling rather poorly, and I woke up and it was clump city. How often do you expect to look good after a sleep though? 

Frankly, I love the results so much, I don't care about the cons, because the pro's are so awesome. Also, taking it off was a breeze, just a warm flannel and off it came! 

If you want to jump on the mega volume train, you can join me by purchasing it from Cult Beauty here for £18, and if you hate it, you can get your money back.  I doubt you'll want to though, it's GRRREAT!!!!

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