Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Do you want to see a shit manacure??

If that's what you're looking for, I am the woman to show you just that. I am a woman in her early mid thirties (yep, i'm at that age when I want to specify exactly where I am in that decade of my life) and I have never, ever EVER had a manicure, and pedicure, to me, is the most insane waste of money I could think of. When it comes to manicures, basically, I rip my nails off once they start annoying me when i'm dj'ing. Have a look at my dry handed (I mentioned I have OCD didn't I? I'm a handwasher par excellence) , unpainted nails below.

My nails, yesterday, looking rubbish.

So as I said the other day, I found via MUA in Superdrug these FUR EFFECT NAILS that give the texture of a syvanian family doll, or that lovely bit on the front of a cats nose. Sign me up for that! So yes, I bought them all, and they conveniently didn't arrive till after NYE, when they were released in the shops anyway, but I paid postage for that convenience. Whoop. Anyway, I painted my nails with various colours of nail polish from MeMeMe (Carefree), Revlon (Cherries in the Snow) and Barry M (np306),  and then applied MUA furry nails in Fluffy Bobbin and Boo Boo Fluff on one hand....

Yep, it's not a great job, but look at the vivid and the furry!

And the other hand was Fuzzy Fluff and Boo Boo Fluff.....

This hand is probably a bit better.

So, yes, there's my messy crappily done manicure. I told you i'm rubbish at being a girl. However, this stuff looks cool. As I said, I don't tend to buy into the whole culture of manicured perfect nails, I have too much shit to do to mess about spending money on have claws, not that I deny anyone the right to have them. If I accidentally scratched a record or accidentally paused one due to having long talons I'd feel like a total gimp, so I choose not to. 

Here's the downside of the cool nails though, the furry ones that is. They are a two day thing at most. They do get a bit mucky, and they wear thin quite quickly, and obviously you can't put a topcoat on because it'd look like misery. 

All in all tho, this stuff is great. It's vivid colour wise, and looks like a toy squirrel. 

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