Sunday, 10 November 2013

REVIEW: MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless vs Topshop Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless

Now. Let me tell you something about me (because that's obviously why you're here), I am an obsessive creature. When I find something that I want, I will obsess and obsess till I get it. Not a lot of things actually meet the needs I have to become obsessed with them. However, when I heard that MUA were launching a more upscale line of products, I was intrigued. When I heard that they were releasing some long wearing, matte, liquid lipsticks that were like Lime Crime Velveteens. I WAS RAVENOUS.

I put the date on my calender of their release. Went to Superdrug to pick them up and....nothing. They weren't there. I logged on to the website. All sold out. I went to the superdrug website. Not there. So I contacted MUA and asked where I could get hold of them. They told me central london. So I went to central london. Every BLOODY STORE. NOT SODDING THERE.

Anyway, one colour came back into stock last week on the superdrug website, which I was directed to by a very kind reader of my blog, and I arranged for speedy delivery, and finally got my hands on my matte dreams! 

However, when waiting to find the elusive product, I dropped into topshop and they had their new Velvet Lips on the display, and the shade seemed to be a lovely vampy rich matte red, so, why not I thought!? 

TOPSHOP Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon

So lets look at a swatch etc...

L-R MUA Reckless and TOPSHOP Veleveteen Ribbon

So as you can see, the MUA shade is a much pinker red, whereas the topshop is darker and more vampy. Both are sumptuous and give completely opaque pigment heavy colour in one swipe. They both dry down super true matte, and they both look awesome.

So where are they different?

Well price for one. MUA is £3, a true bargain, whereas TOPSHOP is £10 in comparison. 

Also in wear time. The MUA one lasts big time, through eating, drinking, kissing cheeks. It lasts mofo! However, it will start to wear after a few hours towards the center of your lips. Also, if you decided to eat anything oily it'll come right off, I discovered this after a cheeky mcdonalds trip after a rather messy all nighter at a mates birthday party. The topshop one wore off after about two hours. Seriously, TWO. It flaked off and crumbled mega quickly and it was pretty annoying seeing as it costs over three times the price! 

So if you were trying to choose between the two, I would go for the MUA every time.

However, the direct comparison, and obvious one, is the Lime Crime Velveteen, and I would say MUA isn't quite as good, but pretty close, and for the price difference, I would definitely invest in this first.

I should be getting hold of the rest of the shades this week, and i'll go crazy with a swatch party for your lovely precious eyes as soon as I do. I AM EXCITED! 



  1. That's it I'm sold, I need this product in my life!

    It looks gorgeous and definitely perfect for the Christmas season. :D

  2. I know right! It's totally awesome and those guys at MUA need applause. Awesome lips for £3. For christmas and forever!

  3. Loved this post, need the mua one!! I followed your blog, I would appreciate it if you followed back!!:)

  4. After a few weeks of trying out MUA, Lime Crime and Wet N Wild, I'm absolutely sold on the formula of the Luxe Velvets. In my opinion they're easier to apply, not as drying and wear considerably longer.

    To see if my prejudice was ruling my head (Doe Deere drama), I made up half of my lips with Lime Crime and the other with MUA (they really are so similar that you couldn't tell I had 2 different products on). I ate, drank and lived life normally and there was a definite difference by the end of the day. The Velveteen side was patchy and really quite ugly whereas the Luxe Velvet side had minimal wear on the inside of the lip.

    I'm so glad I did my little test and researched other reviews as now I can safely say I'll never spend all that money on a product that's 4x the price and half as good as MUA.

    Did you get the other shades? My favourite has got to be Kooky.

    Hope you're feeling better x

  5. Heya cherry! Well, you've impressed me with your dedication to a long wear matte lip, you should write a blog! I have to say, I have a slight, nd I mean SLIGHT, preference for the texture of the Lime Crime velveteen, but frankly, the wear of the MUA one wees all over it. Also, Reckless is a stunning colour. Where did you get hold of Wet and Wild? I haven't found a uk stockst!?

    I did actually e mail the guy at MUA just to say 'THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!'. The fact that they charge three quid when they obviously could charge more is pretty admirable. I have got the other colours, which I should review and swatch, because the net isn't actually awash with reviews like I thoguht it would. Reckless is the winner, but the dark pink is my winner, I absolutely love it!

    I have to say though, i'm going to buy the pink velvet, just because it feels like the perfect pink. Or...maybe i'm just easily sold on blogger hysteria over a product? I remember FREAKING because I wanted a bobbi brown brightening powder, and I used it about four times. Tsssk. Women!

    And i've been up and down, thanks for asking Cherry, but i'm relying, as always, on the healing powers of make up X