Sunday, 13 January 2013

BRAND FOCUS - Lazy Oaf (and rambling about weight, boozing etc)

I can talk about clothes can't I? Yes, I can, it's my blog. I'm obsessed with clothes, but due to having become a bit of a fat bastard over the past four years, I have realised that it doesn't matter what clothes I wear, i'll still not look how I want till I stop drinking ALL the wine and eating ALL the cake.

One label I can wear quite happily though, and that is the wonderful Lazy Oaf. I have loved them for many years,  and have four draws dedicated just to their products, which is pretty ridiculous I know. I also dj'd for one of their parties a few years back, which was fun. They were also incredibly sweet and donated stuff to me when I started my club four years ago which I gave away to competition winners. The thing about them that makes me love them more is how normal and down to earth they all seem, the nicest team you could hope to meet!

They are aimed at a richer customer now I think, prices have risen and the people they choose to associate the brand with are richer, but the clothes are still absolutely AMAZING so how can we be sad about anything? I made these purchases for my nearest and dearest for christmas.

All shirts from the Lazy Oaf x DC Batman collection

More Batman Collection. I couldn't get ENOUGH!!!

Lazy Oaf Kapow Leggings

Lazy Oaf Football T shirt 
Lazy Oaf Cutie Pie Sweatshirt

Lazy Oaf Green Canvas Jacket

Looking at this, it's no wonder I had to take out a major loan to pay my rent this month, what on earth was I thinking!? I love this stuff so much it feels like the most loving gift you can give! I have people in my life that are obsessed with super heroes, and people that are obsessed with, really good things, so why not share the love!? 

God I wish I still got my discount, but with fashion, it's the old adage of 'free to those who can afford it, very expensive to those who can't' (thanks Uncle Monty). Everyone was thrilled because of my Lazy Oaf splurge though, and they're the only brand that I wear over and over and over, till stuff is full of holes and dies and then I go insane trying to replace it on e bay. 

Future dream purchases would be....

Is there a better bag in existence? I'm not sure there is....

I have the matching t shirt, so this would make me a very happy lady.

So here ends my party political broadcast on behalf of the Lazy Oaf party.....

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