Monday, 30 September 2013


I bought some stuff etc...

Diorskin Airflash CC Primer

It's a new primer, in a can, by Dior. It's meant to make me luminous and my make up stay on my face. I like both those ideas. Not that I go anywhere right now to ruddy test it out, but once i'm recovering from my heartbreak, i'll go sweat somewhere to test it out. Mmmm. 

L'oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint (foundation powder)

Meant to be a great dupe for the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation but at a snip of the price. Unfortunately, it's WAY too dark, I can tell you that much already. The formula seems awesome though.

NARS light reflecting loose setting powder

I've had this a good long while, and used it lots. I'll tell you all about my experiences with it asap. 

Bourjois Java Rice Powder

I bought this as a cheap alternative to the NARS powder, and I like it a lot! 

Reviews coming soon of ALL....

NEW: Bourjois Happy Light Foundation, Luminous and Matte Primers (swatches)

Bourjois are one of my favourite high street brands. They really are. Their products always seem to perform in a way that competes with the higher end brands and at half the price. I have been a lover of the Healthy Mix foundation on and off for years, so when I heard that there was an even more luminous option coming out, I was thrilled!

Foundation - Happy Light Foundations velvety formula blends effortlessly for a luminous, undetectable and natural finish. It contains translucent pigments to enhance your inner glow and correct imperfections without masking. And, what's more, it lets skin breathe thanks to its lightweight feel and moisturising ingredients.

Sounds awesome no? Well yeah....but if you're a pale girl like I am....actually, NO. What the hell happened to their colours? I mean, 51 in Healthy Mix was always a little too yellowy and a bit dark, but what the hell, the finish was so awesome I could deal with it. When I saw there was a 50 shade, I was blown away, I counted the days till release, thinking it'd be a touch paler, and thus perfect for me. Sadly not, 50 is the most PINK shade ever. I mean, seriously, it looked like a rash on me! The 51, my usual too yellow shade, has amped up the yellow to such epic heights that with a full face, I looked like I had jaundice.


However, it's not the worlds problem that I am pale and vaguely interesting, so what about the actual formula? Well it's beautiful. It's luminous, and moisturising, but not greasy. It covers really well but still lets your skin show through minus all the red bits. I really desperately wish it was pale enough for me but alas, Bourjois don't want me as part of their Happy Light gang...

Primers -

"With its melting, lightweight texture, Matte Serum Primer mattifies complexion whilst maintaining skins radiance. Wear alone or under foundation for an airbrushed look in any light. Apply before foundation or alone. One shade suits all skin tones."

"For normal to dry skin, an illuminating, moisturising version. With its light-as-air texture, Happy Light luminous primer leaves the skin soft, comfortable, moisturised and replumped. The complexion is immediately illuminated! And, it’s good for skin: moisturising, non-occlusive, non-comedogenic formula"

And they're great! I have oily skin, but I like to look luminous, so I bought both and went combo crazy, using the mattifying one on my oily bits and luminous one on my cheekbones and nose, and any other bits I want a glow on. I absolutely love them both. I highly recommend investing.

L-R Matte primer, luminous primer, Happy Light Foundation in shade 50

My skin is, in Mac terms, an  NW10. Can you see how damn yellow that is on my arm?? It's insane! Please Bourjois, hear my pleas, make foundation pale enough for ME!

Bourjois Happy Mix is available to buy at Boots for £11.99 or Superdrug, currently on offer, for £7.99, as well as being on a 3 for 2 offer, and the primer is on offer for £6.99, so you could get all three for super cheap! Bonza!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

REVIEW: Mac Retro Matte Lipsticks - Ruby Woo, All Fired Up, Flat Out Fabulous - Swatches

Mac Retro Matte 2013

So as promised in my previous post about my achy breaky heart, I broke my reclusive ways and bound to the brand new local Mac to buy as many as I could afford, which was three, and even then it killed my bank account, and two of the pro longwear lip pencils too. It would have been churlish not to frankly!

Go on then Mac, wax me right lyrical yeah?

"M•A•C introduces new bold shades in its Retro Matte finish. Eye-catching colours like Dangerous and All Fired Up create a look that's fiercely feminine. M•A•C also premieres Pro Longwear Lip Pencils in a vibrant colour palette, giving this long-lasting and transfer-proof lip pencil an exhilarating makeover."

L-R All Fired Up, Flat Out Fabulous, Ruby Woo

Top to bottom - More to love, Kiss Me Quick

So, I really really wanted Dynamo, which is a furious pink colour, but the bastard thing was sold out everywhere, so i've made do with these two for now. 

L-R Trust in Red, More to Love - All Fire Up, Ruby Woo, Flat Out Fabulous

Firstly, the pencils.

They're great. You can't fault them. They go on matte, take about thirty seconds to set, and thats it, they're there for the duration. I AM NOT EFFING KIDDING. I put these two on my hand to swatch in the store, and for three days they stuck about, not budging an inch. You can't really complain at that level of longevity can you?

Now for the lipsticks. Well, they don't claim to be budge or smudgeproof, and they're not, which I found out to my dismay after a particularly 'lubricated' dinner, which left me with Ruby Woo all over my chin, nose and a bit under my eye (?). Thus, I would recommend you do the good old pencil, blot, powder, apply, blot, powder, apply, blot, and if you want to go bulletproof for kissing, which I don't, as I have no one I want to kiss right now (weep!) slap on a little lipcote. The formula doesn't dry me out, not that I care, but make sure you give your lips a little exfoliate, firstly by rubbing your lips with a flannel when you're cleansing, then pop on a little moisture in the form of, perhaps, Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Lip Care, then another exfoliate, if you're going hardcore, with something like Body Shop Lipscuff. Then just apply in whatever way you fancy, and go and look effing FABULOUS all day/night.

Btw, I've been reading quite a bit of bullshit about women worrying about men hating red lipstick recently, and with Ruby Woo being the ICONIC pink up red colour, I say this.

Who gives a flying cuntox?

Seriously? If you're that weak around your man or that needy for attention that you'll imagine he'll run screaming from you because you're wearing a bit of lippy, then get yourself a bit of self confidence lady, and stop worrying! I mean, I don't care what boys think obvs, and my ex LOVED my red lips (I think, given that I also was pretty sure she LOVED me and there's scant evidence of that now) but yeah, if you look hot with it, wear it. 

Friday, 27 September 2013

H&M new designer collab FTW.

Minju Kim x H&M

So H&M continue to be the BEST thing ever, whilst also making amazing clothes of vaguely low quality, but y'know, tres cheap so who can moan? I'm not too familier with Minju Kim, but apparently a graduate from Antwerp in 2012, who has been picked to collaborate with H&M as well as have this collection featured in the Opening Ceremony stores, which must be a dream come true for any new designer! Inspired by the work of manga cartoonist Junji Ito (Image below), it shall be released at flagship stores across the UK on October 18th 2013. EXCITING. 

Junji Ito

So, it's not incredibly wearable like most of the H&M collaborations. Many high st shops have quit the 'new designer' opportunity, remember Warehouse and River Island dipping their toes in? Only for Warehouse to give up totally and River Island to run screaming to Rihanna, despite her not actually being a DESIGNER DAMNIT!

Sorry, i'm a total HATER of the celeb collection. You want to make clothes? Work hard and get a qualification! Stop stealing jobs from people who can do the job!

Anyway, I want those shoes more than anything. If I ever cheer up enough to leave the house, I shall be walking like a queen in those babies. OH MY GEEE1!!!111

REVIEW: Sleek Matte Me - All Shades - Swatches


I'm a bit of a grotten mess today, but ima going to to my best to post something worthy of being read for you lovey guys out there.

I am a big fan of the brand Sleek. They bring out fashion focused products of an incredible quality and a really affordable price point. What is not to love!? From the point these were announced I checked the local Superdrug to see if they were nestling on the shelves (whilst also trying to avoid the guy who would say daily 'where is the girl who usually comes with you? She's much prettier than you, because, y'know, I need to feel WORSE about myself right now obvs), and I snapped them up the second I found them.

So, lets get a swatching!

Top to bottom - Petal, Birthday Suit, Party Pink, Rioja Red, Brink Pink, Fandango Purple

L-R - Fandango Purple, Brink Pink, Rioja Red, Party Pink, Birthday Suit, Petal

So, the review! What is it that Sleek have to say about all this matte malarkey?

"Matte Me is a matte finish liquid lipstick that glides on in one smooth application, with no need for a second coat." -

I have to be honest, as much as I love Sleek, the claim is bollocks. I am a massive, MASSIVE Matte lipstick fan, I own every matte lipstick I can get my hands on, so i'm a pretty easy sell and easily pleased when it comes to a long wear liquid matte lip, as you'll see from my posts on the Lime Crime Velveteens, and the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. These aren't really in the same league formula, or longevity wise sadly. They barely cover in one swipe, leaving a pretty patchy offering, so if you want it to it totally opaque, you will probably want to fill your lips in with a liner, blot, then swipe it on, twice. It looks great then, but it does also have a reasonably short wear time if you want to drink and eat. 

So, in short, if you're going to go for a budget matte options, I would definitely pick up Rioja Red and Birthday Suit, as they're great colours and a lot cheaper than Stila etc, but don't expect them to be bulletproof. 

What I did last night...

Hi there,

So, in my ongoing effort to try and appear like a normal human being after my heartbreak, I am getting back on the reviewing make up blog horse.

Last night I was stumbling around Harvey Nichols to cheer myself up, and somehow walked straight into a bloggers party at the Beauty Mart stand, which was pretty damn fortuitous, firstly because it was unlimited free champagne, and I was feeling pretty miserable to say the least. The first person I bumped straight into Millie Kendall who was one half of much missed brand Ruby and Millie, much of whose products and tools still nestle in my 'often used' draw. She was absolutely lovely, especially as I was so incredibly pissed I kept rambling on about my ex girlfriend. Bleurgh! Anyway, I was sat down on a chair and told that two INCREDIBLE make up artists were in fact, metres away from me, and wanted to have a go on my face. I was flattered, and let both Sarah Reygate and Lee Pycroft go to town on me make up wise. They were totally awesome, and I of course, was totally in awe. I hate to be a complete kiss arse but they were really cool....I hope I can be them one day, I don't care which, ha!

On top of this, the absolutely AWESOME guys at South Kensington Toni and Guy gave me a full head of extensions to match my bright blue hair for FREE, so, despite feeling pretty damn low, it has cheered me up no end and kind of felt like someone out there has been sending me love in the form of things I love the most (other than my ex, obvs), HAIR UNT MAKE UP!

So I just wanted to say thank you to all that cheered me up, it really did give me a boost after how awful i've left the last few months....

Saturday, 21 September 2013

A personal post and a hopeful return

So, i'm back, kind of. I am beyond heartbroken still. The person I loved cheated on me, and I acted like an angry arsehole, and they left me, forever, and I find surviving beyond hard. I have been in hospital, been to the lowest place a human could go, and i'm not sure how to move forward, but maybe trusty cosmetics will suffice to distract.

It's been a weird couple of months.  I have a thing called Borderline Personality Disorder, which is something I never ever took seriously, but looking through at the descriptions, I can understand why I reacted to them leaving me with several suicide attempts, and pure and total anger. I also have, since this happened, been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which has meant that every reminder, or idea about the event of them leaving in the way they did causes massive panic attacks. Seeing as I live in the house we shared, it's pretty hard to escape. They buggered off,  and jumped back into their life and left me a mess. I should have known better....but everyone likes to believe they're the 'one. I clearly wasn't. I also have OCD, Somatisation Disorder and MDD. For years I just brushed them off, apart from the odd sectioning from a suicide attempt, I just tried to 'get on with it'.

Since they left me, I haven't been able to socialise, leave the house or do...well...anything. I have no help so all I can do is try and keep my brain occupied as possible, and for a while (and this just SHOWS how unwell i've been) I didn't wear any make up, or even shave my legs (argh!). I have started to force myself to do so, and now, in the interests in not having literally no reason to exist on this earth, i'm going to try and do a little therapy on myself in the form of make up chatter. I hope you can join me, and if you're interested, that's awesome.

So, given that, here's some stuff I have that I LOVE, and some stuff I can't wait to own and review.

Sleek Matte Me in Brink Pink, Party Pink, Fandango Purple and my FAV, Rioja Red - I suggest you get hold of these. They're basically as good as any high end matte liquid lipstick, for under a FIVER!

Mac Retro Matte Visual

There's a new Mac counter been opened ten minutes walk from me. DREAMS COME REAL. I realised I was suffering severe depression when I found out and I said 'so?' but I forced myself there and enjoyed the beautiful new testers that were completely untouched. Anyway, I bought the much anticipated Retro Matte lippies, which are mostly permanent, so don't panic if you've found the counters empty, they will be restocked, which goes someway to pleasing me regarding my recent upset regarding Mac as a brand. Anyway, I replaced my beloved Ruby Woo, and added All Fired Up and Flat Out Fabulous to my fast growing matte lips collection. I also bought the pro longwear lip pencils in More to love and Dynamo and I tell you something, I tested these guys on my hand in the store. THREE DAYS LATER there are still remnants on my hand, and I have OCD, so I wash my hands A LOT. Trust me, these are purchases you want to make.

I AM IN LOVE. Await my words.

I also treated myself to Nars Radiant Cream Compact Foundation in Siberia. I am quite attached to the foundation, because I bought it the first time I forced myself out of the flat, despite being wracked with unhappiness and fear. I went to the Space NK in South Molten St in central london, dressed in raggedy tracky bottoms and jumper, sweaty from the sunshine, and the assistant helped me, despite my face looking ravaged from tears, big black circles around my eyes, no make up on my face. I am so thankful for not being judged, and her being kind whilst I stuttered, ashamed of how I looked, and who I was. Thank you Space NK lady.

It's not a perfect product, but it's pretty beautiful if you know what you can expect from it. Review coming, obvs. 

A total indulgent treat was my By Terry Royal Navy kohl from Space NK. It's the most INTENSE blue I have ever witnessed, and I recently had to throw out the YSL coloured mascaras my ex bought me as it broke my heart to see them. It's waterproof, and get this, it actually draws on the waterline, and stays.....and stays......and stays! Review, as per, coming as soon as i'm able.

Bourjois Blush Exclusif, which is working on the same priciple as Smashbox O Glow except as a cream instead of a gel. I much prefer it, and it's half the price. Awesome.

Things i'm looking forward to ARE

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Gloss - a dupe for the Lime Crime velvetines if ever I saw one, and at a SNIP of the price at £3. Come on October 23rd, come quicker!!!

And talking of Lime Crime, they've got the most PERFECT coloured velvetine coming out for fall. Just look---->

I think I just came.

So. I'm not going to pretend i'm not a total mess. I feel like doing this might help a bit though, so I hope you don't mind reading my badly written heartbroken drivel. I love make up and I love music. I'm trying to find something in both of these to keep going....