Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MUA Pro-Base Make Up Fixing Mist Review

So I mentioned a week or so ago that I had purchased MUA Pro-Base Make Up Fixing Mist from Superdrug to add to my already pretty bustling arsenal of fixing spray products. I think i've given it enough usage and time now to give you a proper review. 

So, this is what the website claimed on this product....

‘Makeup Setting Sprays are used to create a luminous finish after you have applied your makeup. Not only do they allow your skin to remain hydrated, but they work as a moderate sealer, preventing your makeup from making a mess ‘- Karla Powell, MUA’s Head of Make-up Artistry

So no crazy over the top 'holds make up for a WEEK' claims here. I may have mentioned before, but I really like MUA as a brand. They aren't quite up there with Sleek for product quality for the price point, but they make a good quality product for a bargain price, making things such as a setting spray accesible to all budgets. But does this product perform....well, given its claims....yes!

So I use this product in two ways. Firstly after my primer and BEFORE my foundation, which means I can buff my foundation in and it'll glide over my skin and give me a longer dry down time to adjust coverage, whilst giving an extra luminosity. Secondly, after my foundation, and powder, which I roll into my skin to fill pores and fix my foundation with a powder puff from No 7, and then to stop that awful hyper matte look you get from the powder rolling, I apply the setting spray. 

The joy of this spray is it truly does give you a luminosity back, and it does help with the longevity of your foundation. What I would say is, ideally, this would suit a dry skin down to the ground, as it has hydrating properties, which, as an oily skinned lady, isn't particularly welcome. This isn't a spray I would use for a big sweaty night out, but it has become part of my daily routine, and it does do what it says it does, and it costs very little for the amount of product you get and also for how well it works. Okay, it's not up there with Skindinavia in quality, but it costs quarter of the price, so you can't complain really!

If you want to give this a go, it's now available at Superdrug or direct from MUA's website for £5. 

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