Saturday, 29 June 2013

I Just Can't Help Myself.

I am poor yet unable to control myself when ysl or Giorgio Armani release something new or ltd edition. 

So above I have the new Babydoll mascara from Yves Saint Laurent, and the limited edition grey lipgloss from Giorgio Armani. I shall be road testing and reviewing these bad boys asap! 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NEW AND DESIRED! Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Infused Prep Spray UPDATED

Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Infused Prep Spray

Some people get really irritated by the idea of an extra step in their make up routine. Not I, anything extra I salivate at the idea of, because I am a dream shopper for any company, I am EASILY sold to. Just tell me it's new, innovative, and it's going to make me feel better about my face, and i'll whip out my purse and kiss you on the cheek for the trouble. I'm also constantly poor because of it. Tssk. Still, enough of my self control short comings and on with the product. 

So whats it do? Benefit say this...

"This scientifically advanced formula contains the first stabilized form of vitamin B6, which absorbs oil, minimizes pores and reduces redness. Spritz it on any time of day to hydrate, prep and soften your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Use it in the morning to prep and “wake up” your skin, during the day to refresh your skin (without messing up your makeup), or at night before your treatment. 

Vitamin B6 helps normalize overactive cell-signaling proteins (called cytokines) to help control oil production, vitamin E provides antioxidants, and willow bark (rich in natural salicylic acid) aids cell turnover. 

This energizing formula feels amazing and is great for ALL ages and skin types. (Trust us, even your boyfriend will want to steal it!) And the more you use it, the better the results. In a clinical study, after 8 weeks of use: 
• Over 81% of participants had a measurable reduction in oil and surface shine.
• Over 78% had more radiant skin with less redness and fewer blemishes.
• A majority of participants had a measurable improvement in pore size.
• Over 72% had a measurable improvement in their skin’s overall appearance.

This soothing spray comes in a sleek, soft-touch bottle (dark purple, of course) with a bright neon-green sprayer. Like our setting sprays, it emits a calibrated, microfine mist that goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it. "

Well slap my arse and call me SOLD! I do wonder whether it's just the De Slick spray in another bottle with a fancy name and some vitamin B, but i'll have to wait until it rolls onto the shelves to find out.

There's no official uk launch date as of yet, but I shall keep my eye out and keep you informed! EDIT - It is exclusively available at Debenhams which you can order from online HERE. I snapped some up today so will do a review ASAP!

Check out the promo video. SO EXCITING.

Friday, 21 June 2013

NEW FROM THE USA! Revlon Colourstay Whipped Mousse Foundation

Just a quickie, I can barely contain my excitement. Revlon have released a new version of colourstay exclusively to the USA and my dearest homie has brought me back some and on first impressions. IT IS AMAZING.

Reviews, swatches etc coming soon!!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

REVIEW! - Lime Crime Velvetine - Red Velvet (swatches, messy lips etc)


I'm feeling pretty sombre today, but when i'm feeling sombre, there's one thing guaranteed to make it all okay again, and thats buggering around with my make up and getting my face all dressed up, even if i've nowhere to go. Given that, today I thought i'd share with you one of my favourite lipsticks EVER.

Now, I umm'ed and ahh'ed about reviewing a product from Lime Crime. I have been following them for a few years and I know there is a fair whack of controversy when it comes to the brand, due to the fact that in their early days, they were purchasing whole sale mica based shadows, repackaging them, and selling them on at a big price increase - more information about that here. I also know that one of my favourite bloggers, Christine from Temptalia, has boycotted the brand wholly, due to the fact that if anyone is negative about them, the owner sets her minions upon you with abuse until you relent....which isn't the best PR really. 

However, when I saw the promo's for the velvetines, it sounded too good to be true, I just had to have one. I am usually someone who makes a stand to the point of ruining things for myself when it comes to things I believe in, but my lips NEEDED this product. I had no choice!

Lime Crime Velvetines in shade Red Velvet

So what do they say about it??

"Long-lasting, waterproof liquid lipstick that goes on with the ease of gloss and dries completely matte."

And basically, thats exactly what it is. I have been using this about four times a week for three months now, and these are my findings....

- The colour is INTENSE. Seriously, one swipe covers ALL. No need to double swipe, the colour payoff is INCREDIBLE. 
- The red colour is PERFECTION. Seriously, it would suit anyone, looks like the kind of red you wished you could find your entire life. 
- It really does last. It's not an all nighter, but its close!
- It is PROPERLY matte. So many lipsticks say they're matte, and they're not, but the second this dries down it's matte as a blackboard. 
- It is good value. The price is absolutely reasonable, you'd not pay much less for a drugstore brand of the same type of product.
- It's easy to apply, IF you use a lipliner.

It's not all perfection of course, but before I get onto that, I shall share some pics....

My mucky tube. I left it mucky to prove i've road tested this to death.

Swatched on my paper pale arm. One tiny swipe gives you this level of opacity!

A very messy application minus lipliner, with extra teeth lipstick as a treat.

As you can see above, no one could accuse me of being anal about this blog. Ha! TEETH LIPPY FOR ALL TO SEE!

It does however show you some of the cons, which I shall list below

- It's particularly watery, which on the good side, means it's feather light on your lips, but if you get too much on the applicator, until it dries down, the danger is it will slide everywhere, including your teeth
- It does smudge, but not like a normal lippy. If you kiss someone, it'll transfer a little around your mouth, but nothing like you'd get with any other lipstick. ALSO you can happily apply Lipcote atop of it and it'll make it even more budgeproof. I also won't transfer onto your drinks or fork without some real heavy lip labour. 
- It will wear off, eventually, but again, after AGES. I drink, chat, eat and kiss cheeks a lot. If I apply lipliner all over my lips, blot, apply loose powder and then this, it will last virtually ALL night without fade. 

So I would say this is a MASSIVE MASSIVE thumbs up to this product and make no mistake. You need this in your life if you're a lover of matte and long lasting 1950's sex siren lips. 

Your only problem is finding it in stock. Stockists are below, so just keep your eyes on the Lime Crime Fanpage where they post stock updates, and then go get it from one of the below links.

Lime Crime (US based but ships to UK)

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts??

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Review - Liz Earle Signature Foundation

Liz Earle Signature Foundation 

Hi girls (and guys, lets not make assumptions here), hope you're having a fantastic weekend with the (sort of) sunshine. I've been having a rather lovely time, with lots of exciting things on my horizon, I thought i'd celebrate by sharing a review of one of my most favourite foundations I own.

I may have mentioned before, I own A LOT of foundations, I am talking draws and draws of the stuff, high end, low end, rubbish, fantastic, pro quality and drugstore. THE LOT. I wouldn't say i'm an expert across the board, because I only know how to deal with my oily combo skin, but if you suffer like me with the shiny nose and need for long wear, I think we're going to be chums.

So, back to the review. Liz Earle (which is actually run by TWO people, but for some reason Liz takes the spotlight in name and press coverage) produces some absolutely fantastic products. Originally I thought her Cleanse and Polish was a poor mans Eve Lom cleanser. As it turned out, it WAS a poorer persons option, but without being any less awesome in quality. I shall review another time though, as it's foundation time right now. Anyway, last year, in 2012, Liz decided to unleash her AWESOME cosmetics line. I wasn't convinced initially, as i'd heard that the Sheer Skin Tint had zero coverage and lasted about two hours on an oily skin. However, later that year she also launched the Signature Foundation, and just reading the blurb below had me gagging to try it. Lets see what it says...

"Call off the search – our luxurious, silky foundation is your go-to for the skin you’ve always wanted. Offering easy-to-build coverage, the beautifully blendable formula glides on effortlessly to deliver a smooth, even and natural-looking finish in mere moments, with an ingenious combination of spherical particles and coated pigments that offer long-lasting wear and a radiant finish. Enriched with our own natural source vitamin E."

And you know what? It does EXACTLY what it says. 

So how does it work for me? Well, I always wear a primer, because I have oily skin, most foundations are obliterated within three hours, so I don't bother even trying to battle on without. To make it simple for you, i'm going to list exactly what is so awesome about this foundation.

- Amazing colour range, for once, it's EXACTLY my skin tone. PALE AS PAPER.
- It fills in pores better than nearly any foundation I have tried
- Coverage is impeccable, I barely need to build coverage, but in the areas I do, it looks smooth
- It lasts. It really does, unless you sweat buckets, this stuff doesn't crack!
- It doesn't settle in fine lines, or wear unevenly.
- It is matte but has radiance. Not dewy but not flat at all! 

So lets see a swatch of the shade I own, Porcelain

Liz Earle Porcelain Swatched

Blended out

So as you can see, it's undetectable on my pallid arm there when blended out. It's my exactly shade though, which runs at NW10 in Mac terminology. I find the best way to apply this is with a dampened Beauty Blender and the usual method of bouncing it on the skin until the desired level of coverage is achieved. 

I can't say enough good about this foundation, especially if you're oily and in need of good but natural looking coverage. If you want to invest, this retails direct from Liz Earle online in 9 shades for the pretty reasonable price of £21, and in selected John Lewis, Boots, Fenwicks stores, as well as their stand alone boutiques

Have you tried it? If so, let me know your thoughts!?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NEW! (and desired) - Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

Benefit, I have such a bizarre relationship with you. For many years I have obsessed about their products and loved them. Their offerings are generally good, sometimes they have become staples in my daily routine, but they are pricey for what they are, and some things haven't made the grade, mostly the 'one for all' products, as I think for such a high price point, they could probably offer more refined options. However, their most recent mascara, They're Real, is incredible, and up there with Diorshow Blackout and YSL Faux Cils. I highly recommend you snapping up a copy of Elle magazine right now as they're giving a generous travel sized one away for free. 

Primers from benefit haven't been particularly forthcoming across the board of skin needs, the most recent offering being the Porefessional (see below) which is a silicone heavy primer that makes your skin velvety and smooth, but sadly my skin didn't get on with it at all, and it didn't give my foundation any more longevity, and it didn't apply any better than if i'd done it on bare skin. Actually it was worse if anything! 

But I am not one to hold a grudge when it comes to a brand, especially when I can smell a new product release. It's like a drug to me! So what are the claims of this brand new primer??

"Flawless works overtime! Our instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh & flawless hours. This invisible stick primer glides directly onto skin for optimal wear and a natural-looking finish. Go longer. Stay flawless!
How to apply
Glide this innovative primer stick directly onto skin, then immediately apply foundation, blending together on face.
The results are in…and they’re flawless!
94% said it helps foundation last longer*
97% saw an improvement in the look of skin/complexion*
94% said it increased foundation coverage*
97% said it enhanced foundation’s performance*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey when worn with hello flawless liquid foundation & powder."

Well slap me on the arse and call me SOLD!!! I want this product and I want it NOW! 

If you want it too, it will be released June 13th nationwide in stores and online. I am very very excited! 

Review - ECOTOOLS Fresh and Flawless Five Piece Complexion Set

Eco Tools Fresh and Flawless Five Piece Complexion Set


I really do. I love them. So so much. I have rather a lot of them, from low end to high(ish) and I am very much a advocate of the idea that an expensive brush is more useful than an expensive eyeshadow (although there are exceptions obviously). Anyway, one thing I do get annoyed with is lugging my far too large make up bag around plus brushes, so when I saw this rather lovely looking piece of stuff flirting with me on the racks at Boots, I had to snap it up. Five brushes for £11.99, they're virtually giving them away! 

The five brushes, nestling in their fancy presentation book.

So, so far, so good! What do Ecotools have to say about them??

"Brighten your complexion and create buildable, airbrushed coverage with our five piece set, designed to hide any imperfections for the smoothest finish possible.
  • Start with the flat concealer brush to camouflage problem areas.
  • Use the buffing concealer brush and precision foundation brush to create a flawless even base.
  • The complexion blending brush provides that airbrush finish before applying your touch of color with the full powder bush.
These five essential brushes work together to design a photo-ready complexion with mineral, powder or liquid makeup. "
Ecotools have also helpfully given you these very instructions inside the magnetised travel book container, just in case you're a bit of a brush newbie and don't know what to do with these guys, with corresponding numbers to each brush, just in case you don't know what is what. It's a lovely little package and a great present for a mate/girlfriend/wife etc. 
The brushes, for the most part, are really good for the price. They concealer brush is good for placement of concealer under the eyes and in tricky places like around the nose and on spots. The wonder of the collection is the buffing concealer brush though, not enough of these brushes actually exist on the market and it's an excellent tool to use. Place the concealer with the brush, and then gently buff for seamless coverage. I'm totally in love with it. The precision foundation brush is again, good for placement of your foundation, but where it falls down is the lack of density in the foundation buffing brush, which I was hoping would be a good dupe for the Mac 116 which I love using to buff on foundation, bronzer or blusher. It's very soft though and would be fine for touching up on the go, more than fine, but not ideal for an initial application. Same goes for the powder brush, which is rather small and floppy, so not great for a hardcore make up application, but great if you want to pop some loose or pressed powder on when out and about. 
So my conclusion, this, despite its slight flaws, is a pretty, good quality, ecologically friendly set and is well worth the very low price tag for popping in your handbag and doing some touch ups. You can purchase this instore at Boots, or online at cute cosmetics , cocktail cosmetics or active beauty for  around £11.99.
Lovely stuff!