Sunday, 13 January 2013

Insomnia = Illamasqua ltd ed rubber nailpolish review (bad manicure pics within!)

Hey ladies!!! (dingdingdingdingdingdingding!)

I can't sleep, and as well as having 'Hey Ladies!' by the Beastie Boys in my head (so good when the bass synth kicks in!),  I have decided to ward of the night time frustrations by posting my new nail polish joys. As mentioned before, I am TERRIBLE at doing my nails, I rip them off when they get too long, and I don't clean up mistakes. The reason for this is I don't really care, I just don't, it's a bonus i'm not still filling in my nails with permanent market and tippex, so frankly, y'know, whatever.

Anyway, I bought myself these beauties.

Illamasqua rubber finish nail polish in Prosperity

Illamasqua rubber finish nail polish in Nurture

I don't really go for traditional nail polish finish unless it's a silly colour, and I had a BIG love for the matt finish trend that happened a couple of years back. Rubber finish is just the next step up to AMAZE though frankly! The only downside with this stuff is you need at least three coats, otherwise there is a slight hint of opacity that you don't really want. Also, obviously you can't do a top coat, so you may be chipping by day two or three. It's pretty darn hardwearing though, and the colours are to DIE for. I couldn't afford more than two, but I would really love to get my hands on this colour too...

Illamasqua rubber finish nail polish in Serenity (bright turquoise)

Anyway, have a look at my badly done manicure below and enjoy the rubbery joys of this nailpolish.

My hand, ten minutes ago. Click to enlarge my bad photo.

I purchased this polish from the trusty Illamasqua website for £13.50 each. Click here to go to there.

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