Wednesday, 30 April 2014

REVIEW: Nip and Fab Deep Cleansing Fix

Nip and Fab Deep Cleansing Fix

I wear a lot of make up, so I tend to go through cleansers like nobodies business. I reviewed one of my favourite cleansers yesterday, but in this household I have at least two cleansers on the go at any one time. In the interests of full disclosure, I actually have five on the go at the moment. Insanity. Anyway, I picked this up at Boots on an introductory offer, so it set me back a bargainous £5.00 as opposed to £7.95. I hadn't heard of it prior to its launch, but I had been using the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix exfoliating pads, and had had good results, so I knew it was a brand I trusted. 

So what do they have to say about this gloopy pot of goodness....

Get super clear skin + banish blemishes with our new Deep Cleansing Fix.

This multi-purpose cleansing cream gently melts away make-up + purifies skin for a clear + fresh complexion.

A 6-in-1 beauty must-have, this luxurious cream cleanser works to deep cleanse pores while nourishing + awakening the skin with an energising, uplifiting eucalyptus scent.

For best results, simply massage onto dry skin + rinse for deep cleansed, hydrated + beautifully clear skin.

The 6 different uses of Deep Cleansing Fix are:

1) Removes make-up
2) Deeply Cleanses
3) Can be used as mini 10 minute mask
4) Leave on overnight as an intensive hydrating mask
5) Can be applied directly to blemishes
6) Exfoliating action when used with muslin cloth

Currently Not Available in the US

Deep Cleansing Fix contains:

sweet almond oil nourishes + smoothes
tea tree oil cleanses pores
So basically, it does everything!

And I really really like it very much. I have used it overnight, and woken up with skin that is fresh, smooth and hydrated, as well as brighter and clearer. I have used it as a ten minute mask which results in energised fresh skin, and I use it a lot as a cleanser. I smooth it over my make up strewn face, much of which is water resistant or proof, and I massage it, fill up the sink with hot water and place the washclosh in it, then place it on my face, let it melt the cleanser, and then wipe of gently, and ta da! Everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING is gone. I use the type of eyeliner that is impossible to remove, but this gets it off in a flash. My skin benefits from it, feels fresh and clean, and I actually enjoy the process!

I highly recommend this to all, and it's stocked in boots for £7.95, or online HERE

Saturday, 26 April 2014

REVIEW: Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 wash off deep purifying cleanser

Peaches and Clean Purifying Cleanser

One thing I could be accused of, frequently, is laziness. I'm messy, I mean, really messy, I don't know how to organise myself, the only thing I'm vaguely okay with is arranging my vast collection of make up, but even then, i'm pretty bad. Therefore for years, I have gone back again and again to taking my make up off with wipes. It always ends up with me getting horrid spots, blocks pores and rough patches that no primer will smooth over.

So when this happens, i'm reminded of why I should get off my lazy bum and properly cleanse at the end of the night. I've tried TONS of cleansers, but not many agree with me. I've tried cheap to expensive, from Simple to Eve Lom, and this one is the one I always ALWAYS return to, and with good reason. Lets find out why etc....

They (Soap and Glory) say this ---->

Want to remove make-up and impurities in one clean sweep? Reach for Soap & Glory’s indispensable daily face cleanser, Peaches And Clean™. It’s gentle, effective, melts away make-up (even waterproof mascara), and re-energises your complexion in two minutes.

• OXYGINSENG™ TECHNOLOGY - an amazingly effective, organic complex that helps increase circulation and cell respiration (which then turns up blood supply and toxin removal), and also speeds oxygen and nutrient delivery to fight aging and re-energise skin
• PEACH & GOJUICE™ (peach and goji berry extracts) - rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & C
• QUILLAJA BARK - a Chilean soap bark tree-derived natural cleansing agent

Now, one thing I love about Soap and Glory (and it took me a long time to love them due to viewing them for years as a Benefit rip off) is their frank, honest and straightforward descriptions of their products, and the fact that they're mostly, incredibly affordable. I have been using this every single night for months, my method being I massage onto my mucky make up laiden face, including eyes, soak a flannel in hot water, wring it out, and gently (or not so gently if i've been on the booze) wipe the make up and cleanser away in one easy go. It gets EVERYTHING off easily, and my face is left soft, glowing, and smooth, ready to apply my night treatments, which soak in beautifully post cleansing. 

So this is a total bona fide RAVE. I love this stuff. It's cheap, super cheerful, smells lovely and is very effective. 

It's available from Boots the country over or from their website HERE for the paltry sum of £8.00. I suggest you give it a go! 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

REVIEW: Lime Crime Velvetine in SALEM


So Love Make Up were total winners with my order of the new Lime Crime Goth-a-tines. I got them within two days, no problems. Thank you love make up!

I bought all of them, but in the interests of being thorough, I am first reviewing SALEM.

Now, I mostly get a bit irritated by the whole obsession with the 90's. Having been a teenager in them, and been a big part of the club scene and music world, the revisionist history of what it was actually like is pretty irritating. Also, come on, lets actually create our own scene please! What are people going to remember the 2000's for, the fact that we created EFF ALL.


Still, enough of that. It's basically a spot on medium dark, cool brown, straight out of a George Michael video from 1992, probably on Linda Evangelista. It's great. I love it. I probably love it because I am super pale, and basically, I now am wearing the EXACT make up I wore as a teenager. Therefore i'm good at it, because it's my second time around. 

Here's some pictures. 

Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem

Salem swatched

Wear time, it's pretty great, but as always, it depends on what you're doing in it. If you're eating, drinking and kissing, it's going to spread all over you like nutella, or you could have a situation similar to this...

Now, to help this situation you're best off filling your lips with liner, which is something I always always do unless i'm not bothered about keeping my make up in place, which is never. I personally use Sleek Eau La La liner in Cocoa which is waterproof and smudgeproof, so it'll help your cause immensely. Then just apply straight from the tube and go feel like a 90's princess! 

I love it. I LOVE IT. I also have Wicked and Black Velvet which I will be reviewing soon!

Yay. Etc.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lime Crime The Clueless Witch Goth-a-tines are NOW AVAILABLE

Just a quick note - I shall be updating soon btw, I have all sorts of stuff that I need to ramble on about cosmetics wise, including the new Estee Lauder BB Cream, the new Eve Lom minerable and liquid foundations and Hourglass tinted moisturiser. Also I have the Urban Decay liners, and electric palette. HARD. CORE. 

However, here's todays piece of awesome. Lime Crime Clueless Witch Velvetines are available NOW from Love Make Up for £13.50 each. GET THEM HERE BEFORE THEY SELL OUT.

I received mine today, and I have to say, these are HARDCORE and authentic 90's shades, or the black, which is the most perfect black lipstick I own....and I own about twenty. So matte. 

Exciting! Wooosh!