Thursday, 3 October 2013

NEW: Bleach London hair dye - Exclusive to Boots.

Bleach London are clever sods. They really really are. The whole concept is basically the same as a salon that existed in High Street Kensington Market in the early nineties. They've jumped on the early nineties trend (which having been there the first time, I still don't really get), taken the name of a massively successful album from Nirvana, to reference that they're, in fact, a populist appropriation of alternative culture, and thus, they're LOADED.

I have had brightly coloured hair since about 94, but it's made a real constant resurgence on my head for the past seven years, going from blue, to orange, to pink, to lavender, and then back to bright blue green right now. I remember going along to Bleach to ask about a price to get a pink through to orange fade, about three or so years ago. The price they quoted was INSANE, and they were using Crazy Colour, which I felt miffed about paying that price for, because its longevity is the worst of all the bright dyes out there. Manic Panic, great, Special Effects, even better. I'd rather ruddy Directions frankly! 

So given their massive success, and they do some fantastic work, don't get me wrong, they've decided to launch their own brand of brightly coloured dyes, bleaches, and clarifying products. It's a long unfilled gap in the market, which i'm still confused by, given the market for bright hair being a continual thing over the past thirty or so years.

Anyway, this is what Boots say....

"Young British hair brand BLEACH, creators of the biggest hair colour trends of the last three years; silver sheens, sea-punk, recession roots, dip-dyes and rainbow hues, will be launching shiny new kaleidoscopic home hair colour in October 2013.

The gang behind BLEACH are hair COLOUR and STYLING specialists whose expertise has been channelled into an at-home hair colourant and care product range launching exclusively at Boots. With bleach, toner, 12 super cool colours and a selection of aftercare."

I'm particularly intrigued by the colour fader, i'd be interested to know whether it's just a clarifier or a bleach bath or what. It's a welcome addition to the shelves though! 

These will be released on October 8th 2013 in selected Boots stores exclusively! Exciting!

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