Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Breaking Beauty Rules: Concealer application for flawless joy

Hi there.

Sorry for my recent silence. Heartbreak has been getting the better of me again, but the best way to get over that is jumping back on the rambling about cosmetics horse. So here I am.

This is a post that I hope will be of some interest to people. Now, my skin, it's not the worst skin on gods earth, but I really don't like my face at all. This probably has something to do with my endless pouring over fashion magazines where all the girls have skin like pink velvet and eyes that gleam like sunshine. I have mentioned before I am extremely pale, but I have uneven skintone, large pores, and areas of redness that rage through foundation and it's IRRITATING.

So, what's this post about? Well, generally you always hear the rule with base application, that you apply foundation, then apply concealer. Fair enough, makes sense. However, after many years of experimentation with various products and finishes, I have discovered that sometimes, the reverse is true.

Firstly, after my serum and moisturiser, I always, ALWAYS prime. Some people don't see the point in primer, but I can tell you first hand, there have been three occasions i've forgotten primer on my face, and I regretted it BIG time. My make up slid around my face, it was horrendous, I felt sad. BAM. Lesson learned. This below product is my hero in every way...

Mac Natural Radiance Primer - £29.00

It controls oil, evens skintone, gives a slight radiance, and keeps your foundation on. I have many many primers, including the Smashbox one, which was a disaster for me. I'll do a mega primer review post soon. You'll be disgusted at how many I own.

After my primer, I let it sink in for a minute, and then I grab my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer (£15.50) and a flat topped concealer or foundation brush, and buff it under my eyes, around my nose, along my jawline, and any other red areas. It applies in a very thin layer, sticks like glue and is virtually undetectable. 

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer (£15.50)

After this, I put a TINY amount of foundation onto the back of my hand and buff it into the skin with a Real Techniques Buffing Foundation Brush, and voila! Flawless skin that lasts all day! 

Hope this was helpful to some. Honestly, I used to end up building and building foundation, but if you find a high coverage, long lasting concealer, you can use much less product and look ten times better! WINNER!

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