Friday, 27 September 2013

H&M new designer collab FTW.

Minju Kim x H&M

So H&M continue to be the BEST thing ever, whilst also making amazing clothes of vaguely low quality, but y'know, tres cheap so who can moan? I'm not too familier with Minju Kim, but apparently a graduate from Antwerp in 2012, who has been picked to collaborate with H&M as well as have this collection featured in the Opening Ceremony stores, which must be a dream come true for any new designer! Inspired by the work of manga cartoonist Junji Ito (Image below), it shall be released at flagship stores across the UK on October 18th 2013. EXCITING. 

Junji Ito

So, it's not incredibly wearable like most of the H&M collaborations. Many high st shops have quit the 'new designer' opportunity, remember Warehouse and River Island dipping their toes in? Only for Warehouse to give up totally and River Island to run screaming to Rihanna, despite her not actually being a DESIGNER DAMNIT!

Sorry, i'm a total HATER of the celeb collection. You want to make clothes? Work hard and get a qualification! Stop stealing jobs from people who can do the job!

Anyway, I want those shoes more than anything. If I ever cheer up enough to leave the house, I shall be walking like a queen in those babies. OH MY GEEE1!!!111

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