Monday, 30 September 2013

NEW: Bourjois Happy Light Foundation, Luminous and Matte Primers (swatches)

Bourjois are one of my favourite high street brands. They really are. Their products always seem to perform in a way that competes with the higher end brands and at half the price. I have been a lover of the Healthy Mix foundation on and off for years, so when I heard that there was an even more luminous option coming out, I was thrilled!

Foundation - Happy Light Foundations velvety formula blends effortlessly for a luminous, undetectable and natural finish. It contains translucent pigments to enhance your inner glow and correct imperfections without masking. And, what's more, it lets skin breathe thanks to its lightweight feel and moisturising ingredients.

Sounds awesome no? Well yeah....but if you're a pale girl like I am....actually, NO. What the hell happened to their colours? I mean, 51 in Healthy Mix was always a little too yellowy and a bit dark, but what the hell, the finish was so awesome I could deal with it. When I saw there was a 50 shade, I was blown away, I counted the days till release, thinking it'd be a touch paler, and thus perfect for me. Sadly not, 50 is the most PINK shade ever. I mean, seriously, it looked like a rash on me! The 51, my usual too yellow shade, has amped up the yellow to such epic heights that with a full face, I looked like I had jaundice.


However, it's not the worlds problem that I am pale and vaguely interesting, so what about the actual formula? Well it's beautiful. It's luminous, and moisturising, but not greasy. It covers really well but still lets your skin show through minus all the red bits. I really desperately wish it was pale enough for me but alas, Bourjois don't want me as part of their Happy Light gang...

Primers -

"With its melting, lightweight texture, Matte Serum Primer mattifies complexion whilst maintaining skins radiance. Wear alone or under foundation for an airbrushed look in any light. Apply before foundation or alone. One shade suits all skin tones."

"For normal to dry skin, an illuminating, moisturising version. With its light-as-air texture, Happy Light luminous primer leaves the skin soft, comfortable, moisturised and replumped. The complexion is immediately illuminated! And, it’s good for skin: moisturising, non-occlusive, non-comedogenic formula"

And they're great! I have oily skin, but I like to look luminous, so I bought both and went combo crazy, using the mattifying one on my oily bits and luminous one on my cheekbones and nose, and any other bits I want a glow on. I absolutely love them both. I highly recommend investing.

L-R Matte primer, luminous primer, Happy Light Foundation in shade 50

My skin is, in Mac terms, an  NW10. Can you see how damn yellow that is on my arm?? It's insane! Please Bourjois, hear my pleas, make foundation pale enough for ME!

Bourjois Happy Mix is available to buy at Boots for £11.99 or Superdrug, currently on offer, for £7.99, as well as being on a 3 for 2 offer, and the primer is on offer for £6.99, so you could get all three for super cheap! Bonza!


  1. Oh no, I guess it's always harder with very light or dark skin tones :/
    Btw do you mean 50 is too yellow or pink? The swatch looks very yellow but you also mentioned that it looked very pink and rash like? I'm super curious and we don't have that shade in aus and I think it may suit my colour :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Mari anne thank god you commented, it's actually 51 that I have on my arm and purchased. 50 is the super duper pink one. I have to warn you, it's not just a bit pink. I tend to wear pinkish fondations, like Nars sheer glow in Mont Blanc is a great match, but this, it's so pink it's an insult to pale!