Friday, 27 September 2013

What I did last night...

Hi there,

So, in my ongoing effort to try and appear like a normal human being after my heartbreak, I am getting back on the reviewing make up blog horse.

Last night I was stumbling around Harvey Nichols to cheer myself up, and somehow walked straight into a bloggers party at the Beauty Mart stand, which was pretty damn fortuitous, firstly because it was unlimited free champagne, and I was feeling pretty miserable to say the least. The first person I bumped straight into Millie Kendall who was one half of much missed brand Ruby and Millie, much of whose products and tools still nestle in my 'often used' draw. She was absolutely lovely, especially as I was so incredibly pissed I kept rambling on about my ex girlfriend. Bleurgh! Anyway, I was sat down on a chair and told that two INCREDIBLE make up artists were in fact, metres away from me, and wanted to have a go on my face. I was flattered, and let both Sarah Reygate and Lee Pycroft go to town on me make up wise. They were totally awesome, and I of course, was totally in awe. I hate to be a complete kiss arse but they were really cool....I hope I can be them one day, I don't care which, ha!

On top of this, the absolutely AWESOME guys at South Kensington Toni and Guy gave me a full head of extensions to match my bright blue hair for FREE, so, despite feeling pretty damn low, it has cheered me up no end and kind of felt like someone out there has been sending me love in the form of things I love the most (other than my ex, obvs), HAIR UNT MAKE UP!

So I just wanted to say thank you to all that cheered me up, it really did give me a boost after how awful i've left the last few months....

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