Friday, 1 March 2013

Drugstore tester using skanks. An open letter.

Dear human beings. This is a plea.

The other day I was on my way out. Now, when i'm off out for the night, I need to INDUSTRIALLY protect my lipstick. I'm not like you lovely beautiful creatures who gently rub a little lippie over your mouth and look beautiful, pouting and fulsome of mouth all night. Once my lips start to wear and crack due to all the many, many free drinks, I look pretty rubbish. Therefore after I applied my brand new Poppy King Hot Rose Sinner lipsticks, I wanted to keep it on the night! I'll review this lippie soon btw, it's my new fave. It's a 90 (yes NINETY) percent pigment winner.

So what did I need? I am lucky enough to live near a Superdrug that opens until 11pm at night so I popped in to buy the Rimmel Lipstick Lock that they've recently released to compete with the old school wonders of Lipcote, which i'm a massive fan of. They're not infallible, because not much is in make up, despite its claims. However they do give you a good few hours more wear than you'd get otherwise. So I stomped in quickly in the five minutes I had before my train departed and grabbed the last one from the display...

A Rimmel Stand. At some point. 

I got to the counter and what did I notice? Oh that age old problem. Some total effing SKANK had opened it, used it, and then put it back on the shelf after sealing her dark red mucky lips with it. 

Here's the news girls. Make up is NOT a communal thing when it comes to using of it. Okay, I share my make up with my best friends. I don't mind doing it because I love them and I love to share everything with my friends, unless they've got face fungus. However, when you go into Superdrug or Boots, and I stand next to you and you are USING THE LIPSTICK TESTER ON YOUR OWN MOUTH, it makes me want to curl up and cry in horror and lack of hygienic practises. 

If you're currently thinking 'what's the big deal?'. Read this report courtesy of the LA Times.  If you do that stuff with testers, you are basically drinking 1000 peoples germs. That is rank.

So please, please stop it. I like to get an item home and not find it used by some stranger who couldn't be bothered to pay for an item on her way out to, dunno, Wetherspoons or whatever. Also, think of other people occasionally yeah? 

Lots of love,

Hygienic of London. Xxx 


  1. I had this the other day with a revlon lip butter, it was sealed so I didn't think anything of it, got it home and someone had quite clearly used it, maybe a member of staff before sealing it and I tried to buy a cream compact foundation another time but I checked them and all the ones in my shade had finger marks in them but there was quite clearly a tester tray. Why would someone do that? It's gross and really inconsiderate to someone that actually wants to pay for it. I could go on all day! I agree with you completely.

    Sam. xxx

  2. It's totally inconsiderate isn't it??! I don't want some strangers germs, especially when i've paid for the privilege! I assume with the foundations they wanted to put it on their face, and didn't want other peoples germs, so they found it acceptable to give whoever paid for that product THEIR germs. I just don't get peoples bad manners, it's RANK. If they're down the impulse aisle, spraying that suffocating stuff everywhere, I can understand it a bit more, but come on, lipstick?? NO!!!

    Thanks for reading Sam! Xxx