Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Review - The Beauty Blender + cleaning fluid = AMAZE

Beauty Blender. Yesterday. 

Hello! So, despite me never posting this blog ANYWHERE or sharing it or telling anyone about it. It seems I have an awful lot of readers and I have to admit, i'm shocked and very very flattered. 

The Beauty Blender is an oldie, and oft written about, but for such a ubiquitous product in the internet world, I barely know any woman that owns or knows about its talents. Weird non?

Now, there is one point I have to make, this guy is quite pricey, he retails at £16 for on solitary sponge, and £26 for the above kit, which I kindly had purchased for me, which includes the special anti bacterial wash you need to clean him up after usage. 

The Beauty Blender ltd ed white kit with solid cleanser and carrier

Lets see what the press blurb says....

"the ultimate make up sponge applicator. Beautyblender has been created to leave you with a professional finish and a flawless complexion. Forget your fingers or sharp-edged triangular sponges, these application methods waste make up and can leave visible streaks."

I have read a million foundation application products claim that they will do just what the beauty blender says, and I have used everything except an airbrush, in the hope they'll do what they claim. Here's the news, The Beauty Blender does EVERYTHING IT CLAIMS.

Literally. Every single thing.

Here's how to use it - run it under a tap, squeeze out the excess. Put your foundation on the back of your hand. Pick a small amount up with the sponge, and bounce over entire face until you have the finish you desire. Wait for foundation to dry down. MARVEL AT COMPLEXION.

It does what no other tool can, you can easily build coverage over red areas, nip in around the nose, fill in pores, then follow up with concealer under the eyes. If you're feeling fruity, you can also press in your powder with it.

I have to impress upon you, over and over, that this is a MUST HAVE product. MUST. HAVE.

It does give an airbrushed finish, it does make the product easy to distribute, it's easy to keep clean and it's just the most perfect thing I own. Is that a recommendation? Do I sound like a loon? Yeah...probably.

If you want to dive in to easy foundation application, then you can purchase the beauty blender, in all its various formats, direct from the manufacturer website HERE or from Cult beauty HERE 

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