Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Absence because of poorly...

Hello, just a quick post to say i'm sorry i've been quiet but I am currently rather poorly with a horrid cold. My whole body hurts and I just want to sleep, and this is after having severe sinusitis that I had to have two lots of antibiotics for. NO GOOD.

Still, I have got a little stash to review soon of new purchases. I got .......

Sleek Aqua Collection Palette

An initial impression, it's not anywhere near as great as i've come to expect from Sleek. The colours and not pigmented as usual, and are quite wishy washy despite their beauty in the palette. 

Diego Dalla Palma Make Up Fixing Spray

Finally DDP is stocked in the uk in easy reach of any larger Marks and Spencer store, or on their new UK based website HERE. It's alcohol based, which tends to be a problem for some people, but initial impressions is, IT DOES WORK. It's pretty pricey at £19, but Model In a Bottle is a similar formula and it's not caused me any issues! 

Bourjois Health Mix Foundation Reformulation for 2013

I love this formula, but it's STILL SO DAMN YELLOW. I wish they'd go a bit more neutral with their shades. Still, check out the blurb HERE and i'll review it in the next few days 

Till then my lovelies!

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