Thursday, 14 March 2013

Being Pale - Objects that save our souls Pt 2 Pale foundation swatches

So if you read yesterdays post Being Pale Pt 1, you'll have gathered that my paleness has been something that i've had to surmount. I have certain things I need from a foundation, such as good coverage, an ability to cover my redness, to combat my oily ways, and to stay on my face for a long time and to not flash back in pictures. Quite the list of demands, apparently, even in todays make up world.

So, to share my findings, i've decided to spend a few days swatching my paler foundations. I have both yellow and pink, as well as neutral toned foundations, so you'll get a range, no one will be left out!

So here goes. Swatch frenzy part ONE.

So there you go, that is my first instalment of the swatchorama. These are all different formulas obviously, with different levels of coverage and effectiveness. I shall be back soon with another instalment to assist you girls of pallid ways. 

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