Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bold brows - My personal obsession, and how to achieve them. Updated.

Audrey. Queen of brow. 

Sorry for my lack of posts. I have been extremely busy beyond belief. I am back now with a bumper brow post as way of apology.

I love brows, I love them so much, they frame a face, change the whole mood of the make up you have on your chops. Done correctly that can visually recall an era. I mean, Siouxsie Sioux's squared severe brow shape added to a look and suddenly it's 1970's punk. A thick bushy brow such as Audrey Hepburns, and you're swanning around like you're in Breakfast and Tiffany's. Brows are powerful. 

Siouxsie Sioux. Severe. 

Given my obsession, I've been through a lot of brow products. Here's a few of my recommendations for you to peruse....

Mac Brow Pencil in Stud

This pencil is awesome. It's a proper dark brown, unlike many pencils you buy which give you a feint mucky brown shade, this means business. It's slim, leaves opaque coverage, and is extremely easy to use. You can either just use it to fill in those few extra hairs you need to balance your brow, or go for a full on brow assault. I would say out of all the brow pencils i've used, this is, by far, the very very best.

This can be purchased direct from the Mac website for £12.50

Mac Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

You know, Mac really get on my tits sometimes, as i've mentioned in posts before, they release something INCREDIBLE, something you've yearned for, and you get hold of it, and then suddenly, it's sold out in three days and you can never have it again despite it having become part of your daily routine and thus, essential, you're not allowed to own it again. Oh no. Why on earth would they want you to buy more of their products that you adore? 

Regardless of this, this product is AMAZING and the ultimate brow product I own, and as I said before, I own a lot. I use this when I want to create a sharp dramatic brow, using a Mac 266 Small Angle Brush which is dense and stiff enough to make it easy as lovely pie. 

If you can find this instore, snap it up, as it's sold out online, but cost £14.00 and is worth every penny

Sleek Brow Kit in Extra Dark

This kit is amazing. I promise you. Sleek is a brand I adore anyway, I have lots of high end products, but daily I keep going for their products over the more expensive ones. Why? They are bloody good thats why! Highly pigmented, long lasting and they perform, what more could you want? This brow kit consists of a wax to fill and fix your brows in place, as well as priming them for the next step, which is a very pigmented, dense powder to fully fill them in, which sticks to the wax, leaving you free to do what you're doing and not worry about fading or smudging. Pretty nifty no? 

Whats also amazing is the price. SO CHEAP! If you want to indulge you can order this direct from the website here or pop into your local Superdrug and pick it up for a stunning £8.50. It lasts forever too!

Illamasqua Brow Cake

Good old Illamasqua. I love this brand so much. They basically create anything that you couldn't imagine any other brand having the guts to put on general sale. If you want to create a Siouxsie Sioux brow like above, these are the brow products you want to get your hands on. Just mix some water with this powder above and create a paste to paint on a brilliantly extreme brow. The world is your brow shaped oyster! If you want a brow that is industrial strength, just mix the cake with their famous sealing gel £12.50, and you'll be rain, sweat and weatherproof until you remove it. Ace no?

You can pick this up direct from the website or from Debenhams for £15.


Now, how to do it. Well, I don't think anything I could ramble could ever beat the genius of my make up hero, Gossmakeupartist, giving us two amazing tips. This first video changed my make up life!!!

Gossmakeupartist - How to use brows to make your nose look slimmer.

Gossmakeupartist - How to get the perfect brow.

Dive in, enjoy, honestly I couldn't vouch for a better make up artist to explain techniques than Goss, he's incredible. 

Pixiwoo - How to fill in brows

The above video is fantastic, and for the girl that loves a signature iconic brow, so Nik from Pixiwoo, my other favourite you tube MUA, takes you through how to achieve the aforementioned Audrey Hepburn as well as Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Evangelista and more natural shaped brows. Also, because Nik is awesome, she also explains how to achieve a natural looking brow for when you're suffering from alopecia or hair loss through cancer treatments. I personally love doing the Audrey brow. Give it a go if you fancy, whats to lose?? If you think you look like a twat, take it off. Thats the great thing about make up, if you look a twat, which I frequently do, you can just whip out a washcloth! 

Happy forehead scrawling girls! 

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