Saturday, 9 February 2013

Review - Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Bold Matte (swatches etc)

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Bold Matte
Shades (top to bottom) 815 (fire coral), 800 (glamour pink) and 810 (peach cocktail)

With lipstick, there are a few specifics that i'm all about. Firstly I like them bold (after banning myself from always relying on Nars Tonkin because I feared the lipstick smear and fade situation), I like them long lasting and non fade, and I like them MATTE. Really really MATTE. When I saw these launching I knew that I had to get my hands on them. So, what do I think? It should be a marriage made in heaven....

Top to bottom - 810 Peach Cocktail, 800 Glamour Pink, 815 Fire Coral. 

So this is them swatched before dry down. As you can see, the colours are vivid, but i'm afraid this took two swipes, as one seemed to be rather translucent. I decided to take another picture after dry down...

Top to bottom same as previous picture.

So, dry down. All very well and good, but this dry down took TEN MINUTES. Thats a pretty long amount of time to wait when you're wanting to do your lippy and leave the house and not smear it all over your face. I tried again just with one layer but the result was too translucent to look right, it definitely needs that building, otherwise it looks patchy. 

So how does it last? Well, it does last longer than your regular lipsticks of course. 24 hours though? Nope, not on your ruddy nelly! I would say you get about three hours before it starts patching off. You can drink, eat and kiss, and it won't smear all over your glass or kissing partner, but it will flake off after a while. 

Do I like it? Well, despite the moans above, I actually do!? In a market that lacks matte options in the extreme, despite it having been a trend for about three years now, I'm willing to put up with the downsides and work with this product because after the work, the colours and beautiful, and you can get more wear than your average lippy, so it's not really the end of the world if your desire for these colours outweighs your need for them to live up to all their pie in the sky claims. 

If you want to go bold, and matte, get yourself to your nearest Boots or Superdrug and pick these up for £8.99. They are due online in the next two weeks too, but if you can't wait, you'll need to wiggle on down to the stores in person. 

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