Wednesday, 30 April 2014

REVIEW: Nip and Fab Deep Cleansing Fix

Nip and Fab Deep Cleansing Fix

I wear a lot of make up, so I tend to go through cleansers like nobodies business. I reviewed one of my favourite cleansers yesterday, but in this household I have at least two cleansers on the go at any one time. In the interests of full disclosure, I actually have five on the go at the moment. Insanity. Anyway, I picked this up at Boots on an introductory offer, so it set me back a bargainous £5.00 as opposed to £7.95. I hadn't heard of it prior to its launch, but I had been using the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix exfoliating pads, and had had good results, so I knew it was a brand I trusted. 

So what do they have to say about this gloopy pot of goodness....

Get super clear skin + banish blemishes with our new Deep Cleansing Fix.

This multi-purpose cleansing cream gently melts away make-up + purifies skin for a clear + fresh complexion.

A 6-in-1 beauty must-have, this luxurious cream cleanser works to deep cleanse pores while nourishing + awakening the skin with an energising, uplifiting eucalyptus scent.

For best results, simply massage onto dry skin + rinse for deep cleansed, hydrated + beautifully clear skin.

The 6 different uses of Deep Cleansing Fix are:

1) Removes make-up
2) Deeply Cleanses
3) Can be used as mini 10 minute mask
4) Leave on overnight as an intensive hydrating mask
5) Can be applied directly to blemishes
6) Exfoliating action when used with muslin cloth

Currently Not Available in the US

Deep Cleansing Fix contains:

sweet almond oil nourishes + smoothes
tea tree oil cleanses pores
So basically, it does everything!

And I really really like it very much. I have used it overnight, and woken up with skin that is fresh, smooth and hydrated, as well as brighter and clearer. I have used it as a ten minute mask which results in energised fresh skin, and I use it a lot as a cleanser. I smooth it over my make up strewn face, much of which is water resistant or proof, and I massage it, fill up the sink with hot water and place the washclosh in it, then place it on my face, let it melt the cleanser, and then wipe of gently, and ta da! Everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING is gone. I use the type of eyeliner that is impossible to remove, but this gets it off in a flash. My skin benefits from it, feels fresh and clean, and I actually enjoy the process!

I highly recommend this to all, and it's stocked in boots for £7.95, or online HERE

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