Wednesday, 9 April 2014

REVIEW: Lime Crime Velvetine in SALEM


So Love Make Up were total winners with my order of the new Lime Crime Goth-a-tines. I got them within two days, no problems. Thank you love make up!

I bought all of them, but in the interests of being thorough, I am first reviewing SALEM.

Now, I mostly get a bit irritated by the whole obsession with the 90's. Having been a teenager in them, and been a big part of the club scene and music world, the revisionist history of what it was actually like is pretty irritating. Also, come on, lets actually create our own scene please! What are people going to remember the 2000's for, the fact that we created EFF ALL.


Still, enough of that. It's basically a spot on medium dark, cool brown, straight out of a George Michael video from 1992, probably on Linda Evangelista. It's great. I love it. I probably love it because I am super pale, and basically, I now am wearing the EXACT make up I wore as a teenager. Therefore i'm good at it, because it's my second time around. 

Here's some pictures. 

Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem

Salem swatched

Wear time, it's pretty great, but as always, it depends on what you're doing in it. If you're eating, drinking and kissing, it's going to spread all over you like nutella, or you could have a situation similar to this...

Now, to help this situation you're best off filling your lips with liner, which is something I always always do unless i'm not bothered about keeping my make up in place, which is never. I personally use Sleek Eau La La liner in Cocoa which is waterproof and smudgeproof, so it'll help your cause immensely. Then just apply straight from the tube and go feel like a 90's princess! 

I love it. I LOVE IT. I also have Wicked and Black Velvet which I will be reviewing soon!

Yay. Etc.

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