Sunday, 12 April 2015

REVIEW: Lime Crime Velveteen in Cashmere - Swatches included

I'll be honest, I feel like a bit of a swine when I purchase a Lime Crime item. There is so. much. hate. when it comes to Doe Deer, and the practises of her business, and as someone who proclaims themselves to be a lackadaisical socialist, and someone who applauds morals and fair behaviour, it makes a little bit of a mockery of my preaching when I buy into a product from a company who have been accused of being venomous and unfair to customers and competitors. 

But truthfully, I just love their products so much, and my obsession with make up has rendered me disingenuous it seems. I hate it....but i've never been good at saying no to lust. Bane of my life. 

Make of that what you will. 

Anyway, I ordered this the day it arrived on the website directly from Lime Crime , as stockists for Lime Crime seem to be dropping like flies over in the uk for some reason. It took about 12 days to arrive, which is fine, as it's crossing a vast amount of distance to get here. It cost $10.95 in postage which isn't too bad either, seeing as Sephora USA are charging what feels like $100000000000000 to post to the UK. It's not that much btw, and I can't be bothered to check what I paid, but it was around $25.00 or so, and it pissed me off. 

Lime Crime Cashmere 

Lime Crime Cashmere swatched

So, as we've all been made VERY aware of, the 90's are BACKBACKBACK. For some reason all the stuff that us average teenagers wore is now a much desired thing, which is fine, because it makes life easy for me because I just have to remember what I wore then and wear it again, and do my make up the same. 

Me, in 94. How I miss having acceptable thighs!

This shade, Cashmere, otherwise known as 'Greige' so half grey, half beige, is the quintessential 90's lip shade and there honestly is NOTHING, well...not nothing, but very few that match up to this shade when it comes to pulling off a total look. It's the same formula, it stays put unless you're eating a macdonalds, which, admittedly I can do at 5.00am after a night out, but lets face it, at that point all I care about is that i've not been sick down my front and can see vaguely. The colour is opaque in one swipe, and dries with enough time to correct mistakes. I LOVE IT. 


Me. Looking like a total arsehole. 

Listen. I know I look like a prick in that picture up there. However I am lazy and this was accidentally taken when drunkenly wiping my face of a red drink on my way to see Is Tropical play my mates club in hackney. This night was a testament to the lasting power of the pairing of Cashmere and Urban Decay lipliner in Liar. By the time I got to the gig i'd drunk about five beverages. Whilst there I drank another five, including the dregs of the rider because my card was declined after an hour, urgh, I danced to this...

Is Tropical - Dancing Anymore

I drank so many drinks I ended up in Lewisham in someones house, and fell asleep on my face. When I woke up, the lipstick was virtually still all there. I dribble in my sleep so...


Mind you, if i'd done kissing on someone (which I didn't), I imagine it would do the same that other velveteens have done and flaked off, but they're not built for krypton factor-esque make out sessions. They're made to last through general life. 

If you want to snap up Cashmere, it's not available yet through any UK distributors, and it's out of stock on the US website, but they do restock, so keep checking HERE at Lime Crime. 

Thanks for reading. Bye! 

PS I am aware that my blog reads like i'm a raging lush. I'm not, just on super party time nights I promise. 

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