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REVIEW: Bleach London Washed Up Mermaid Hair Dye (Super Cool Colour) and rambling about Kurt Cobain

Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Washed Up Mermaid

So, I gave a heads up, and a rambling opinion about this brand Bleach London a few weeks back, and to be true to my blogging ways, I decided to buy one of the so called, super cool colours, to give them a go. Now, I would put up pictures of how using this dye turned out, but sadly, it washed out before I got round to it, but I will say that the above example is pretty much the exact colour you will get on a very pale bleached head of hair. 

The colours available from Bleach London are very limited, but they're on trend, with names referencing current trends, like Bruise Violet, which references one of my favourite bands from when I was a young teen, in 92, Babes in Toyland, imparticular their song Bruise Violet, seen below

Babes In Toyland - Bruise Violet (92)

First let me have a ramble, I met Babes in Toyland, namely Kat, a few times when I was 12/13, she was massively messed up but obviously really cool. It kind of irritates me that loads of kids love this band now, just because they weren't massive then by any stretch of the imagination, and suddenly they're being ripped off wholesale by so many bands now, and girls who have NO belief in what these Riot Grrrl bands stood for, it's just a fashion thing. Dickheads. Appropriating a culture to sell hair dye is  bit weird too....but then again, Marc Jacobs appropriated the grunge thing in 92, and somehow found a way to sell raggedy plaid shirts and ripped jeans and army surplus boots for hundreds of dollars. Appropriation gets right on my tits.

And on ANOTHER rant, I bought Company High Street Edit this week, and in the center pages covered kids that dress like their famous parents. Anyway, on this page they had photoshopped Frances Bean Cobain, linking arms with her father Kurt Cobain. You know? The man that SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FUCKING HEAD WHEN SHE WAS A BABY? Now, call me reactionary, but isn't that a little bit, no, VERY INAPPROPRIATE???

Frances Bean and her father, together, er, at last...

Also, i'd like to point out to the dickheads that write that magazine, that 'Papa's playlist' is massively WRONG. Soundgarden weren't liked by the cool kids, certainly not Kurt, Doll Parts was on the album that although he was alive when it was written, he was dead by the time it came out (I saw Hole play a couple of months after Kurt took his life, it was a horrid, attention seeking, disgustingly wrong mess) and er, he probably wasn't listening to In Bloom, off an album he came to despise. I won't sound like a total Nirvana geek, although I do know the bands he talked about loving in the press, often to Everett True, but remembering the day Kurt took his life, I was at a guitar lesson (I gave up quickly, I am bad at learning) and my best mate called me and said 'don't kill yourself, I don't know if I can remain strong' and I was like 'er, I loved the band, but I didn't know the guy!'. I had bought tickets to see them at Brixton academy (yes, they weren't massive enough to play bigger venues i'm afraid) and I went and got a refund and used the money to go and see PWEI instead. Nothing was precious! I'd actually got sick of the Nirvana fanboys and had given away all my albums that I had on cassette to kids in the year below, including the really rare stuff like the double A side with Jesus Lizard. 

Shit. I'm meant to be reviewing the dye aren't I?

Basically, the dye is easy to use, its thicker than your average Crazy Colour, or Manic Panic, so you can chuck it on your hair with your hands and it won't run all over your neck. The colour is basically the colour you see in the example above, spot on, but it washes out REALLY quickly. It's an on trend colour, it works well, it is conditioning, and it's not TOO pricey, but frankly, I would rather use a dye from a well worn company who have been doing these colours for years, mix it with a conditioner or pastelizer, I mean, Crazy Colour do one for less than a fiver, and you then save tons of money in the long term, because you just need a drop of strong colour, mixed with your chosen mixer, and it'll probably last the same amount of time! What Bleach do is take the work out of it for you, if you want a surefire colour result thats easy to use and washes out pretty quickly, then give it a go. 

I'll update with a picture of the result when I've faded my bubblegum blue by Crazy Colour. 

You can pick up Washed Up Mermaid by Bleach for a fiver at selected Boots. 

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