Sunday, 12 April 2015

REVIEW: NYX Macaron Lippie - Earl Grey and Coconut - Swatches inc

I love a fancy lippie colour. I get supremely irritated when people review unusual colours of lipstick and say 'it's a bit out there'. Perhaps it's not the norm, but like hair colour, I feel that we are young (ish, sadly i'm rapidly approaching 36) once and we have all these stunning colours in the world, and we, as humans, are allowed to PAINT ON OUR FACE! Think about that for a fact! We can buy all these things and paint  whatever we want on our face to make us look however we can, within the parameters of our aesthetics. I mean, I can't paint my face to be Angelina Jolie but I can give it a good go...

Anyway, back to the make up i've spent my hard acquired cashmoney on.

I happened upon these lipsticks in the Oxford Circus brand of Topshop. I was excited because I love NYX, but they didn't have the Macaron lipsticks on the uk branch of their website which felt rather unfair, so I snapped them up, at the very reasonable price of £7.00, which if you consider the fact that Rose's Beauty Store are selling them at the RIDICULOUS mark up of £16.99, which frankly is a massive piss take, given that NYX sell lipsticks from $3 in the USA, it stinks a little bit of pure greed.

However, as I said, I got to try these for the price of £7 each, so it didn't feel too much of a waste if they turned out to be a washout, so to speak.

So what do NYX have to say.....


Fantasize in color with our neon and pastel lippies in 12 of the creamiest shades you’ll ever use.

NYX Cosmetic’s cruelty-free formula is packed with pigment and has a satin matte finish for long-wearing resilience.

Creamy and highly pigmented pastel and neon colored lipsticks. Creates various, pastel and neon lip looks.

These pastel and neon lipsticks come in 12 creamy shades, smell delicious, and add an eccentric pop of color to any look.

NYX Macaron Lippie in Coconut

NYX Macaron Lippie in Earl Grey

NYX Macaron Earl Grey and Coconut swatched. 

First up, Earl Grey. The feature I feel I need to point out quite urgently is the fact that it is, in fact, blue, not grey. Above in the NYX visual, it's very much grey,  but this is a light sky blue, a strong pastel, if you will. It's extremely creamy and applies without dragging, and feels emolient and light. However, this is where the joy of application ends. It's an odd colour to try and match with a lipliner, so I tried with a white Sleek Eau La La liner, as the colour applied straight on my lips showed my lip colour through quite quickly. When used with a lip liner, sadly it was still having to be swiped on about three times in a row to get coverage, and once I blotted, it crumbled off in the centre. 

So in summary, colour, fabulous,  performance, not a goer unless you don't mind a kind of deconstructed worn through look, which if you're beautiful i'm sure you could easily rock. 

As for Coconut. Well, i'm sorry, it's the same story but worse. It takes a lot of product to get the coverage opaque, and then once it is, it comes off very quickly. HOWEVER, it's an awesome product to use if you want to do a lip ombre, then its performance is only to lighten your existing lipstick, which looks great! 

So all in all, it's a thumbs down for this except as an accessory to other lipsticks. 

If you want to get your hands on these though, you can go online and get them direct from Topshop for £7 HERE

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