Saturday, 7 March 2015

REVIEW: MAC PENCILLED IN LIP PENCILS - Talking points, Nightingale and Cyberworld inc swatches


I'm a massive fan of lip pencils. I haven't the most steady of hands when it comes to applying lipstick, and for some reason, if I don't line my lips well, my lipstick not only migrates around my face (I cannot tell you how many times i've found it on my nose, MY DAMN NOSE FGS!) but it just looks unflattering. I also love creating colour combinations with lipstick that verge on cartoonish, perhaps Liechtenstein-eaque, so dark blue to white, black to pink, dark red to neon orange. I also need my lipstick to last ALL NIGHT LONG, so lip liner is imperative to prevent that 3am mirror based freakout when I realise that I have looked hideous for the previous two hours. 

So, finances dictated, but when I saw the stunning visual above I had to snap up three of these mostly new shades from Mac, which have been created to be exact colour match partners for identical, or near identically named lipstick counterparts that have become iconic, such as Candy Yum Yum and Ruby Woo. A great idea, although I would really prefer ALL mac lip pencils to be the pro longwear formula. I mean, when there's a choice obviously you want your product to LAST, so....once the formula existed, why bother with anything else! 

Hmmm. Anyway. Pictures. 

Top to bottom Cyberworld, Nightingale, Talking Points

Cyber World


Talking Points

Left to Right - Talking Points, Nightingale, Cyber World

Left to Right - Talking Points, Cyber World, Nightingale

As far as a review goes, there's not a whole lot to say, they wear the same as all Mac lip pencils, the colour payoff is good, but not as buttery as the pro longwear as they are a lot drier in texture. The Cyber World is the best of the bunch when it comes to a generally unobtainable depth of colour (other than Nightmoth) on the high street, so if you're strapped for cash I would definitely pick this up. The other two are easily dupable.

If you want to pick these up they're online at Mac or at any Mac counter or standalone store NOW for £12.50. Lovely stuff. 

Now me and my migraine are off to sleep. 

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