Sunday, 5 January 2014

REVIEW: Shu Uemura - The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation

Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Foundation.

WHAT UP 2014!!!!

So here I am, a mopey, but motivated mess. And this mess has a desire to share her opinions about make up. And why not? What else, ultimately, does a girl have to be happy about than the wanton purchasing of make up at will, even when they can't afford it.

So, here goes. This foundation set my heart alight when I heard the words 'glowing' and 'high coverage'. With the exception of Nars Sheer Glow, most glowing foundations do little for me in the way of coverage, and right now, my skin is a HOT MESS of blotches from months of being weepy and drinking and not sleeping well. Seriously, if you want a blog from a girl who doesn't live on air and happy dreams, I am the one to come to. My skin is showing the two bottles of wine a night, make no mistake (you can tell that I'm not hawking for sponsorship or free shit can't you? what company would sponsor these rambles?) and the sporadic sleep and no daylight. I am the antithesis of healthy living *sips fifth glass of pinot grigio*

But back to the foundation. What the hell does it do!?

This is what the guys at Shu say. 

"Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation. Achieve beautiful glowing skin and high coverage with the Lightbulb fluid foundation. The buildable formula allows total application control and comfort."

So, first, do you want to see some swatches of my shade? I'm sure you do, if you're, y'know, pale, and me. 

Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Foundation Shade 584

Swatch of shade 584

Shade 584 blended

So, as you can hopefully see above, although not explicit, my wrist is a bit of a mess of redness. If you view the blended swatch, you'll see the tone is COMPLETELY even, but translucent. 

So, what is the lowdown on this stuff? Let me fill you in.


It's great. Okay, it's not doublewear by any means, but this evens your skintone, and makes it uniform completely. If have quite a lot of redness, and it was pretty much extinguished except for the raging bits, which you can pop minimal concealer on and it'll vanish in no time. 


When first applied, this foundation will appear vaguely matte, but once its sunk in over an hour, it'll have a beautiful translucent glow. You'll look like you've been running through summer meadows. 

Lasting power:

This is the slight downside. it lasts, but not as long as someone like I would wish. I would imagine this would do you for a working day, with touch ups at the sixth hour, but for me, I need it to last 12 hours as least, and by that time it was pretty oily, but not in a patchy way, just an all over thinning and exposure of your redness. However, during this entire time, you never look 'made up', you look naturally glowing and healthy, and your tone will still look pretty even. For a glowing foundation, this is a good thing certainly. I would recommend a good primer and powder, and you'll get a lot longer out of this. 

So what do I think?  I think it's ruddy cracking! I honestly would recommend this heavily if you love a healthy, glowing complexion that doesn't look like a greasy mess. 

Final opinion. I recommend! You can get hold of this direct from Shu Uemura for £36, or, like I did, on one of those REALLY drunken free champagne for EVERYONE nights at Harvey Nichols. Phew, thats a night I have no recollection of, other than the limitless drinks....

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