Sunday, 5 January 2014

REVIEW: By Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly - Shade Royal Navy

By Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly - Shade - Royal Navy


Just giving you a heads up. This is a full on rave.

First up, let me just tell you, for my own self obsessed satisfaction and bigging up of kind ladies, about when I bought this pencil.

I had just been heartbroken in such a horrific and earth shattering life destroying way, and it was the first time, after having had a total melt down post dj'ing at Reading Festival (a uk festival where I dj'd every day ALL day) that I left the house. I was so poorly, that I only wore threadbare tracksuit bottoms, and sweatshirts, in the blistering summer heat, with unshaved legs and eyes that were surrounded by big dark purple circles, and zero make up, and my hair scraped back with big black roots. So, basically, I looked like a total tramp. I decided that perhaps, for the first time in many months, I might go into a shop and let myself buy something to cheer me up. I felt desperately insecure, down on myself, and I didn't want to go into a shop knowing i'd be sneered at. However, I sheepishly went into Space NK on South Molten St, in central london, and was treated with complete respect and not made to feel like, despite my awful appearance, that I was wasting their time or whatever else I was scared of. It was really nice.....

But anyway, back to the review. Firstly, lets have le blurb. 

"The ultimate in high-precision waterproof eye pencils for bold and glamorous eyes, to create a look that's either "demure" or "very shimmery" but always stunning. Its soft tip with excellent glide-on action defines the contour of your eyes and applies deeply intense matte and ultra-iridescent colour. Very long-lasting with excellent hold, it guarantees an exceptionally precise line that can be applied as kohl or eyeliner.
Crayon Khol Terrybly is supplied with a pencil sharpener for a permanently precise tip."

And not one word of that blurb is a lie. Lets swatch!

By Terry Crayon Khol Terrbly in Royal Navy

Royal Navy - Swatched

Now, firstly, don't be confused by the name. Navy this is not. It's cobalt, and it's vibrant. There is a big lash of purple in this guy, and it is STUNNING. It's not as shiny as the swatch would have you believe. In fact, once set, it's pretty much matte to the max. However, it is VIBRANT. It is beautiful, vibrant, and it gives you full opaque colour in one creamy swipe. It does not drag, or jump, it is smooth, easy to use and basically, the most perfect pencil I have ever ever used.

Do you want to know about smudging etc? Of course you do!

So, you apply this, and I would say it takes about twenty second to set, and once it does THAT MOTHER IS NOT MOVING A MILLIMETER! Serious blud, this eyeliner is bulletproof. It doesn't move come torrential rain, or mega eye rubbing. It just stays and stays, and get this, you can also use it on your waterline! What I find generally with these type of liners, like the YSL Waterproof ones, is that they're awesome at lining around the eyes, and they stay, but on the waterline they're a dead loss. Not this one! This applies opaquely and smoothly to the waterline in one pass, and it stays ALL DAY. You genuinely have no worries with the quality of this for the price you are paying, it is worth every penny for the colour, the texture, and the longevity.


If you want to indulge, pop to a Space NK near you and pick it up for a mere £23.00

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