Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ashish x Buffalo x Topshop = HEART BREAKING WONDERS : UPDATED

Ashish LED backpack - £350

So there's been this fashion drop that i've been counting the days till for MONTHS. I mean M O N T H S. It is the Ashish x Topshop x Buffalo 2014 drop. So many things could have put me off. The fact that Lily Allen seemed to be the bastion for the trainers, showing off to everyone that despite the fact she could afford them, and isn't exactly a fashionistas poster girl, she got given them free before everyone else.


Lily, with my dream trainers. Tssssk.

So, i'm upset. There's a good reason. I was a teenager of the 90's, and yes, the 90's obsession goes on and on, everyone freaking because there was a decade where we wore stupid shoes and baggy t shirts and didn't actually look that great, but apparently thats okay. I mean, i've heard a mate of a mate has just bought the rights to Spliffy. SPLIFFY FFS. Any youthful fashionistas reading btw, Spliffy was a brand that all the skanky nasty kids whose dads dealt smack to kids would wear. Ha, well, maybe i'm being a 'little' harsh, but seriously, there was nothing cool about Spliffy....

I'm getting off the point. My point is, charging £350 for a back pack, or buffalo trainers, of which I have five pairs from the 90's still in my basement (I shamefaced'ly pulled a pair out last week to go to a fashion party at Cirque Le Soir because I thought it'd be funny, it wasn't funny, I fell over and hurt my ankle), charging that price point for an item in Topshop that isn't a full length shearling jacket is UNACCEPTABLE in the extreme. I am not just saying this because i'm mega poor right now. They are making items that should be accessible to your average student, totally unaffordable, so what will happen, is kids will spend their loans on stuff they can't afford, and people like me will spend their rent money on trainers they can't afford due to some misjudged thrust of nostalgia. 

However, saying that, I shall be queueing outside topshop on thursday 29th of May in central london for one reason. I want those LED buffalos, just like I paid over £100 for the Jeremy Scott glow in the dark wings trainers (see below), because I am like a child, and I like shit that glows in the dark...

Jeremy Scott Wings - Glow in the dark 2012

I wish I wasn't drawn into this insanity. But I am. 

I am clearly a bad person....


I bought the LED trainers. For a lot of money. The LED lights worked for half an hour. So I returned them for another pair. The LED lights lasted on one shoe for twenty minutes, on the other shoe, one half for ten minutes, the other half for forty. I returned them AGAIN, and got ANOTHER pair, I was dj'ing so I put them on, checked they both worked, and went to dj in a clean, dry booth. Not only did the LED's stop working on the way in the cab, but after standing on them (NOT DANCING) for three hours, they all fell off.

Went to Topshop, pretty fed up, and they told me that they'd virtually all been returned and it had been a nightmare. My review was deleted from the site, and complaints from the facebook page. I also spoke direct with Ashish's PR and they were lovely, but told me that there was very little information as to what was going on other than things weren't working.

I'm upset because unlike Lily Allen, I had to save for months for these shoes, I counted the days till they came out, and I loved them, so it would have been great to be able to wear them whilst dj'ing the festivals on stage and stuff, but alas, no LED joy for me. Bad show Ashish. Really bad...

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