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REVIEW AND WARNING: Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask by X10 Facials

X10 Facials - Quick Fix Facials - Calming Clay Mask

ROLL OUT THE BARRELL! I have found, without doubt, one of the most TERRIBLE products I have ever, ever had the misfortune to use. I have bought bad products before, sure, but never before have I bought a product thats results are so terrible, so opposite to the claims, that I have considered sending a card of condolences for the companies future, because if any more of their products are this bad, they are going D O W N.

So I found this in boots. I remembered all the bells and whistles when this brand was launched, and looked around for them, because it seemed to be raves. Now, I am totally aware of how PR works, and I am also aware of how many bloggers don't even USE their products, they just rave on and on about ruddy everything because they want lots of free stuff to sell on e bay. I get nothing free, I don't court any freeness, I don't kiss any arse, and that feature of my personality hasn't helped me too much in life, but i'm not changing. I like honesty in general. 

So this mask offended me big time. I have skin that is prone to redness, and I wouldn't say it's ultra sensitive, but if I exercise, or get a bit hot, I go red like a beacon of anger. It's rubbish. I hate it. So when I found this, specifically for my issues, I was rather chuffed, and as I had a gig with many photographers, I thought i'd give it a little go before my night of having to look passable. 


I popped it on as directed, smoothed a layer on and left it for five minutes. It didn't feel too bad during being on, but after five minutes I felt like I wanted to remove it, and thank goodness I did, because the result was HORRIBLE. My skin was red raw, hot, angry, and extremely painful. On top of this, I felt headachey and sick, as the heat from my skin and the redness was so intense it made me feel quite awful. The only bits of my face that weren't bright red were the bits I didn't apply the mask too, and the difference was marked by a clearly defined line of non irritated skin. 

It took TWO DAYS for the misery to stop. The redness was unbearable.

Now, you might just say 'you were allergic clearly'. Well....i'd agree, if it wasn't for a quick search on the internet for reviews, first stop was the boots website for a smattering of one star reviews.

Here's a few excerpts....

"PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU HAVE DRY OR SENSITIVE SKIN. I saw this online and thought it looked great. I brought it and used it on the first day. After a minute of being on my skin it started burning to the point I had to wash it off. I now have an even more red face. Not a good product. "

"I got this based on its claim that it soothes sensitive, red skin. It did completely the opposite, just as per the other reviews. You're meant to leave it on for between 5-10 minutes. I lasted 2, maybe, before having to get it off my face as it was stinging, burning and making my face feel extremely tight. Once I had taken it all off my husband was shocked, it looked like I'd burnt my face, or as though I was wearing a bright red mask. My skin felt smooth to the touch, but that may have been more to do with the scrubbing I did to get this off my face. I looked like a beetroot all evening and my face stung whenever I touched it. Would NOT recommend this whatsoever to anyone."

"This face mask is a terrible product which boots should stop selling. I have experienced the same reaction as all of the other commenters - red, burning skin after only 10 minutes with this mask on. I feel like I should get my money back (and buckets of complimentary aloe vera soothing moisturiser which is what it's taken to get my face back to a normal colour!)"

Every single review is bad. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

I have tried to complain to the company but there is no web presence of them AT ALL. Everything about it stinks and I cannot warn you enough. NEVER USE THIS.

If you do like being in pain, find the mask for mask here at boots for £3.33

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