Saturday, 22 February 2014

REVIEW: Rimmel Stay Blushed - Pop of Pink and Sunkissed Cherry

I've been really bad at updating haven't I? I have good reasons, other than sheer unadulterated laziness and desire to eat as much cake as possible to soothe my broken heart. Here's a tip, cake doesn't actually fix your heart, but it does mean that those PVC trousers you purchased mid breakdown one day make you look like a zeppelin strapped into a bin bag two sizes smaller than your thighs. Good lord.

Anyway, i'm here, Its saturday night, and i'm licking my friday night hedonism wounds in front of the tv with Bridesmaids on the tv to cheer me up. And why not?

Rimmel Stay Blushed in Pop of Pink and Sunkissed Cherry

What does Rimmel say then?

"Perfect for any occasion: the blush blends instantly and seamlessly to create a long lasting, natural-looking flush of colour that lasts up to 24 hours.
Ultra lightweight, won’t feel heavy.
Lasts all day."

I have many liquid, creme and gel type blushers in my collection. Maybe all of them, except the By Terry one that I CANNOT EVER IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO AFFORD. One thing that I tend to get annoyed by is that I put a lovely flush of colour on my cheeks, and within three hours it's all gone and its hateful to me, for I am nothing without blush. The idea that this lasts 24 hours is something i'm a big fan of, but I feared the Benefit Benetint effect, you know, the streaks you get with a liquidy formula that only give you seconds to blend. So what did I think?

First. Le pictures.

Pop of Pink and Sunkissed Cherry

Pop of Pink and Sunkissed Cherry blended out. 

So as you can see, the streaking issue is absolutely not a problem. I used my fingers to blend the arm swatch, but I use a stippling brush to blend the colour onto my cheekbones and it creates a lovely flush of colour, with a glow. On top of this, it lasts absolutely all day, applies really easily and I seriously cannot fault it. I highly recommend you pick these up, I just hope that they expand the colour range to more than two shades! 

Pick this up for £4.99 from Boots and £4.49 from Superdrug. It's great! 

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