Monday, 10 February 2014

REVIEW: Bourjois Paris 123 Perfect CC Cream and Eye Cream

Hi there. I know, more excuses about being a lazy blogger, but i'm still in the process of being heartbroken and maudlin, and although make up is my tincture, sometimes, a skin coloured liquid that I put on my face just isn't going to cut it in the 'making life worth living' stakes.

Still, I shall battle on. So here I am, with a ravey review for my ravishing readers.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

When I first read about this CC Cream, I wasn't too fussed. I was BB'd up to the tits, and frankly, apart from Dr Jart's wonderful colour adapting concoction, they did less than nothing for me. Actually, there was also that brilliant one by Sleek which became my dry skinned gf's holy grail foundation, with it's super cheap price, brilliant colour line and near full coverage and dewy finish. Perhaps I should bother actually reviewing it no?


Anyways, this CC cream. What's it all about? Bourjois says this...


The next generation of foundation! Combining:


Thanks to its 3 colour correcting pigments that smooth away imperfections

. APRICOT pigments > anti-fatigue

. GREEN pigments > anti-redness

. WHITE pigments > anti-dark spots


24 hr hydration
SPF 15

Result: luminous complexion & flawless skin in one step.

Tested for you!*

91% of women agreed that:
Their complexion is perfectly evened out
Their dark spots are concealer
Their skin is left flawless

*User test on 33 women for 21 days
And what’s more? Good for my skin!
-Non-oily lightweight formula
- Enriched with invigorating white tea extracts

Now, can I just point out one thing. WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE STATS FOR? When I read 91 percent of women agree, I think 'BRILLO' but then I read it's 91 percent of THIRTY THREE WOMEN, I think, eh? Now, Bourjois aren't a poor company, they can afford to send their CC Cream out to more than the odd number of 33 women, so why don't they bother? It doesn't feel too convincing does it?

Either way, back to the CC.

So what do I think of it? Well, I am an oily skinned girl, and my main concern with these new generation of skincare/foundation hybrids, is that they're slip off very quickly and be TOO dewy from my shiny fat nose. However, this CC Cream is different from anything like it i've tried before. This is why.

Coverage - It really does correct your skin tone, and it brightens. You can use a tiny amount of this very liquidy consistency product, and apply with either your fingers, or a flat top foundation brush, and it covers like a dream, whilst letting my freckles be seen, and the texture of my skin, but not the redness which I despise so much. Perfect!

Finish - It's not what i'd call dewy, it's a very curious finish for this sort of product actually. It's not matte, but it's not satin. It's got a dimension to the finish, of healthy, glowing, but not shiny skin.

Longevity - This is where it falls down, sadly, but ultimately, it's not claiming to be a big long wearing kinda guy, but it DOES wear well, i'd say five or so hours without breaking down. It says it hydrates for 24 hours, which I didn't say I felt it did, but it's a really nice feel for such a cheap product.

All in all, I really really like it. I wear make up every day but I cannot always be bothered for a proper made up look. It makes you look healthy, and even toned, without looking like you've gone to town. I can pop this on and feel confident about my skin, and look glowy and like i've had a proper sleep (which is never the case) and I am reaching for it more and more over other more expensive high end foundations or bb creams. I high recommend everyone picks this up. It's worth it.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream

First up. What Bourjois say...


The skincare action of an eye cream + the colour correction of a concealer!Its multi-care formula and its smoothing silicon applicator:
Camouflages imperfections and dark circles around the eyes 
Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines Reduces puffiness..without creasing
.Its skincare action and lightweight texture leave the area around the eyes supple and soft:- 24Hr hydration- SPF 15
Result: Eyes are rested and radiant and left feeling supple and soft
Tested for you!*- It conceals dark circles and imperfections without creasing – 85% agree- It leaves the eye contour supple and soft – 94% agree

I've read mixed reviews on this guy, but personally, I love it! The coverage is great, the hydration is great, it doesn't settle in lines, and there's a plumping glow to it, and it lasts a good few hours without setting it with powder. Not really much more to say on it other than I would recommend you pick it up.

L-R CC Cream and CC Eye Cream in 31 Ivoire and 21 Ivory

You can pick these both up from ASOS for a discount price of £7.50 and £6.00. HURRY!!!!


  1. I so want to try the eye cream! Thank you for your lovely review :)

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  2. A pleasure, and do, i'm wearing it right now and I love it!