Friday, 24 May 2013

NEW! - Fudge Urban Hair Chalk

Fudge Urban Hair Chalk

If anyone reads this blog, they might know my hair is blue and pink. They might also know that it's odd that EVERYONE seems to have stupid hair like me now, because I have had stupid hair for about seven years. It started originally when I was 12 and used to go to High St Kensington Market (RIP) and by all sorts of stupid dye because I wanted to look like Mikki from Lush who was my total girl crush. SHE'S SO FIT.

Mykki Berenyi 3rd from left. FITNESS.

Anyway, fit girls aside, up top are the new hair chalks from Fudge Urban, the brand exclusively stocked in Superdrug. They basically work exactly the same as any of the other hair chalks that have been on the market in the last six months/year. Whack them on, run your straighteners over them and wallop, some non committal hair colour until your wash your locks! Unlike me, you won't end up with sodding BALD patches too. This would have been a great thing had it existed when I was a kid, I mean, who remembers the uselessness of hair mascara!! I just wanted to have good hair so i'd dye it every colour under the sun and would be marched into the school showers and told to scrub my hair till it came out. Of course i'd tell them to eff off. I got expelled from a few schools obviously....

Anyway, this will be released in the next couple of weeks. If you're looking for after hours or weekend colours without annoying your boss/mum/pets, dive in! 

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