Friday, 13 December 2013


So i'm a a total rotten mess of unhappiness, but there's one thing that should hopefully bring a smile to any human beings face coming imminently. RuPauls Drag Race. If you're not familiar with the show, it features the 'original supermodel of the world' RuPaul, hosting a competition to find americas next drag superstar. There has already been five incredible seasons, and there's going to be a sixth. You can find it currently on Netflix if you want to catch up, and I suggest you do. The make up, the dresses, the lip sync's, it's just ELECTRIC. RuPaul is the most beautiful woman that never was. 

Here's some clips of our favourite drag queen from the last season, the wonderful Jinx Monsoon. 

I recommend you dive in. I mean, I think i've smiled three times in the last six months, and two of those times was watching RuPaul.

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