Sunday, 16 June 2013

REVIEW! - Lime Crime Velvetine - Red Velvet (swatches, messy lips etc)


I'm feeling pretty sombre today, but when i'm feeling sombre, there's one thing guaranteed to make it all okay again, and thats buggering around with my make up and getting my face all dressed up, even if i've nowhere to go. Given that, today I thought i'd share with you one of my favourite lipsticks EVER.

Now, I umm'ed and ahh'ed about reviewing a product from Lime Crime. I have been following them for a few years and I know there is a fair whack of controversy when it comes to the brand, due to the fact that in their early days, they were purchasing whole sale mica based shadows, repackaging them, and selling them on at a big price increase - more information about that here. I also know that one of my favourite bloggers, Christine from Temptalia, has boycotted the brand wholly, due to the fact that if anyone is negative about them, the owner sets her minions upon you with abuse until you relent....which isn't the best PR really. 

However, when I saw the promo's for the velvetines, it sounded too good to be true, I just had to have one. I am usually someone who makes a stand to the point of ruining things for myself when it comes to things I believe in, but my lips NEEDED this product. I had no choice!

Lime Crime Velvetines in shade Red Velvet

So what do they say about it??

"Long-lasting, waterproof liquid lipstick that goes on with the ease of gloss and dries completely matte."

And basically, thats exactly what it is. I have been using this about four times a week for three months now, and these are my findings....

- The colour is INTENSE. Seriously, one swipe covers ALL. No need to double swipe, the colour payoff is INCREDIBLE. 
- The red colour is PERFECTION. Seriously, it would suit anyone, looks like the kind of red you wished you could find your entire life. 
- It really does last. It's not an all nighter, but its close!
- It is PROPERLY matte. So many lipsticks say they're matte, and they're not, but the second this dries down it's matte as a blackboard. 
- It is good value. The price is absolutely reasonable, you'd not pay much less for a drugstore brand of the same type of product.
- It's easy to apply, IF you use a lipliner.

It's not all perfection of course, but before I get onto that, I shall share some pics....

My mucky tube. I left it mucky to prove i've road tested this to death.

Swatched on my paper pale arm. One tiny swipe gives you this level of opacity!

A very messy application minus lipliner, with extra teeth lipstick as a treat.

As you can see above, no one could accuse me of being anal about this blog. Ha! TEETH LIPPY FOR ALL TO SEE!

It does however show you some of the cons, which I shall list below

- It's particularly watery, which on the good side, means it's feather light on your lips, but if you get too much on the applicator, until it dries down, the danger is it will slide everywhere, including your teeth
- It does smudge, but not like a normal lippy. If you kiss someone, it'll transfer a little around your mouth, but nothing like you'd get with any other lipstick. ALSO you can happily apply Lipcote atop of it and it'll make it even more budgeproof. I also won't transfer onto your drinks or fork without some real heavy lip labour. 
- It will wear off, eventually, but again, after AGES. I drink, chat, eat and kiss cheeks a lot. If I apply lipliner all over my lips, blot, apply loose powder and then this, it will last virtually ALL night without fade. 

So I would say this is a MASSIVE MASSIVE thumbs up to this product and make no mistake. You need this in your life if you're a lover of matte and long lasting 1950's sex siren lips. 

Your only problem is finding it in stock. Stockists are below, so just keep your eyes on the Lime Crime Fanpage where they post stock updates, and then go get it from one of the below links.

Lime Crime (US based but ships to UK)

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts??

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